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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28711 September 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28711
A female tennis aceASHE
Actually withdrawing a pound in bankRELY
Assume one is in positionPOSIT
Cocktail to pick up at lunchtime perhaps reluctantly at first, a small quantityMARGARITA
Collapsed, going by railway? Don’t use the line?tumble dry
Couple like party not to end? Time I’m goingASSOCIATE
Devoutly hopes to hear appreciative remarksPRAYS
Disabled, needing oxygen by the seaone-armed
Express disappointment in feeble booksLAMENT
Girl abandoned opera part, close to returnARIADNE
Guide always follows the waySTEER
Hate Hobart, shivering when temperature dropsABHOR
Is Douglas linked with England? So Donne told usno man is an island
Is not the first to discover discharge in kidneysREINVENTS
Limit a territory parrot is kept inIMITATE
Madly busy chap I see talkingMANIC
Morale so bad in auction houseSALEROOM
Obsequious type turning up these days for radio programmeTODAY
Old Lionheart spitting out one fruit hereORCHARD
On publication day, beer at New CollegeMAGDALEN
One clearing up mess decks with basketpoop scoop
Pictures about one American popepius ix
Playwright, one who asked for more money, a forgeroliver goldsmith
Promoted, work was satisfying — returned lively!up-tempo
Reason I’m confused with voteMOTIVE
Starry team? One that isSIDEREAL
Sweet little thing in city retreatECLAIR
The up platform?crows nest
Two aliens, one with no answer for hard taskmasterMARTINET
Unusual form of capital YATYPICAL


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