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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 345 November 20 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 345
Clues Answers
“Driver” and “conductor” are ____ nouns AGENT
“You get an ____, you’re a scientist” (Maureen Lipman in 1980s BT advertising) OLOGY
1346 battle which established the longbow as a dominant weapon in Europe CRECY
1961 film about pool shark “Fast Eddie” Felson The Hustler
A book of prescribed lessons for church services LECTIONARY
A person expected to answer questions interrogatee
A swan and a wren were named after this wood engraver Thomas Bewick
A ____ may be used as preparation for an exam Past paper
A ____’s Love-song is the John Betjeman poem featuring Joan Hunter Dunn SUBALTERN
Africa’s ____ fly is identifiable by its long proboscis TSETSE
An egg-laying and venomous mammal PLATYPUS
Art gallery located in a former railway terminus Musee d’Orsay
At the height of activity in full swing
Award won by Georg Solti 31 times and Beyoncé 28 times GRAMMY
Benjamin ____ has been the leader of Israel’s Likud party since 2005 and, previously, 1993-99 NETANYAHU
Chinese dynasty, in power AD618-907 TANG
Complex structure containing organs of the inner ear LABYRINTH
Composer and organist John ____ taught Henry Purcell BLOW
Cuban location of a failed landing attempt by US-assisted exiles in 1961 Bay of Pigs
George and Weedon ____ wrote The Diary of a Nobody GROSSMITH
German historian Max ____ is recognised as a founding father of sociology WEBER
Gershwin song written for The Goldwyn Follies Love is Here to Stay
Grey-brown colour, originally that of a mole TAUPE
Holder of the British men’s 100m record since 1986 Linford Christie
In an amusingly unconventional way ZANILY
Musical form which often amounts to “sacred madrigal” MOTET
One stage name of the rapper Sean Combs Puff Daddy
One who ____ goes out to enjoy themselves flamboyantly paints the town red
Online location for manga and similar entertainment WEBCOMIC
Painter of the Anne of Cleves portrait seen by Henry VIII Hans Holbein
Privy to (a secret) in on
Relating to the skin CUTANEOUS
Song also known as El Manisero, first recorded in the 1920s, with similar origins to 23A The Peanut Vendor
Song with lyrics by the poet Robert Herrick, thought to be based on a street food seller’s cry cherry ripe
Soprano Elisabeth ____’s best-known roles were in operas by Mozart and Richard Strauss SCHWARZKOPF
Spoke rapidly and/or nonsensically yabbered
Style of coat popularised in the UK by the Beatles AFGHAN
Term used in the names of many Calvinist churches REFORMED
The “curse of the ____” is a classical music superstition associated with Gustav Mahler NINTH
The larger natural satellite of Mars PHOBOS
The main grain used in making bourbon whiskey MAIZE
The opening number in the musical Cabaret willkommen
The quality of seeming solemn and/or wise owlishness
Took defensive action, originally in a military force closed ranks
Type of ox with a shoulder hump ZEBU
US informal expression of approval, often of someone’s appearance hubba hubba
What became the world’s biggest media conglomerate began with George ____’s purchase of a San Francisco newspaper in 1880 HEARST
____ clubs provide a form of child care after-school

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