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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Put a stop to CEASE
Delighted GLAD
Sportscaster Mel ALLEN
Much writing PROSE
Stowed cargo LADED
Custom HABIT
News article ITEM
Sewing aid PIN
Charged particle ION
Kinsey topic SEX
Wi-Fi locations HOTSPOTS
Close NEAR
Play parts ACTS
Cheap criticisms POTSHOTS
Gifted APT
Silent MUM
Maze runner RAT
Yankee great Lou GEHRIG
Golf goal HOLE
Opera songs ARIAS
Word of German gratitude DANKE
Hint of color TINGE
Change ALTER
Fraternal group ELKS
Car parts DOORS


Islamic ruler CALIPH
Great joy ELATION
Pasta-cooking term ALDENTE
Appear SEEM
Cut off END
Diploma holder GRAD
Brain parts LOBES
Digression ASIDE
Addict’s program DETOX
Apparition PHANTASM
Cattle call MOO
“You have my word” IPROMISE
Easy mark SAP
Univ. or acad. SCH
Raptors’ home TORONTO
Overzealous fan STALKER
Harbor boat TUG
Takes the wheel STEERS
Banded rock AGATE
Danger PERIL
Use your head THINK
Cloth tatters RAGS
Ring of light HALO


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