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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 08, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Bar bills TABS
Rides the waves SURFS
City on the Rhône ARLES
Stream swimmer TROUT
Campaign leader FRONTRUNNER
Letter before upsilon TAU
Massage RUB
In the style of ALA
Was windy BLEW
Cut off SEVER
Throws in ADDS
San Antonio team SPURS
Airport area GATE
Clamorous NOISY
Leave out OMIT
Had a snack NOSHED
Wager BET
By now YET
Dr.’s grp. AMA
Harrison Ford film BLADERUNNER
Sheets and such LINEN
“Common Sense” writer PAINE
Alleviates EASES
Bill stamp PAID


First family of 1910 TAFTS
Orderly displays ARRAYS
Boutique buy BLOUSE
Ticket souvenir STUB
Caterer’s dispenser URN
President after Jimmy RONALD
Stimulated FUELED
Sipping aids STRAWS
“Sophie’s Choice” star STREEP
Revenuer’s target RUMRUNNER
Family room fixture TVSET
Starting point BASIS
Unearth ROOTUP
Turkey sound GOBBLE
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Giants of myth TITANS
Singer Twain SHANIA
Aden native YEMENI
Was bold DARED
Longings YENS
Ruby of films DEE
Snooze NAP


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