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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 21, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Ring out PEAL
Devilfish MANTA
Portion out ALLOT
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR
Egypt’s capital CAIRO
Smells terrible STINKS
Celtics’ org. NBA
Head, in France TETE
Peddled HAWKED
Cunning SLY
Most loyal TRUEST
Pencil part POINT
Agreement ASSENT
Mayo buy JAR
Chiding sound TSKTSK
Celtic letter RUNE
“Do — say!” ASI
Boxer Leon SPINKS
Hint of color TINGE
Protractor measure ANGLE
Crooked ASKEW
Small body of land ISLET
Words of understanding ISEE
Sediment LEES


Soft hue PASTEL
Make amends ATONE
Escapade LARK
Buddy MAC
In the style of ALA
Moves stealthily SLINKS
Icy dessert SORBET
Ship poles MASTS
Frog’s cousin TOAD
Gets littler SHRINKS
Uncle’s wife AUNT
Dripping WET
Foot features TOES
Calif. hrs. PST
St. Francis’s home ASSISI
Little lizards SKINKS
Tarzan’s home JUNGLE
Leg ends ANKLES
Stopwatch button RESET
“Toodle-oo!” TATA
Washer cycle RINSE
Bucket PAIL
“Golly!” GEE
Ram’s mate EWE

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