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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jan 17 2023 Crossword Answers

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Afternoon break NAP
Auction buy LOT
Bears’ lairs DENS
Binary base TWO
Bit of humor GAG
Blowgun ammo DART
Buck’s mate DOE
China setting ASIA
Commercial song JINGLE
Deeply impressed INAWE
Delighted GLAD
Director Howard RON
Early Mexican AZTEC
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR
Feel sorry for PITY
Female donkey JENNY
Finished ENDED
Foot part SOLE
Forest growth MOSS
Form 1040 org IRS
Half a sextet TRIO
Heading to sea SETTINGSAIL
Houston player ASTRO
Job for a judge SETTINGBAIL
Kick out EXPEL
Lowly worker PEON
More neat TIDIER
Mover’s truck VAN
Negotiate a price HAGGLE
One or more ANY
Plentiful AMPLE
Polite CIVIL
Prohibit BAN
Quarterback Marino DAN
Region AREA
Rock group BAND
Sack BAG
Singer Ronstadt LINDA
Slightly ATAD
Snaky shape ESS
Spanish resort isle IBIZA
Sports figure STAT
Staff member AIDE
Starry hunter ORION
Storage site BIN
Superfluous EXTRA
Syrup source MAPLE
Toe count TEN
TV spots ADS
Utter SAY
Warms up HEATS
Wedding words IDO


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