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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jan 18 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Almanac bit FACT
Archaeologist’s find TOMB
Assignments POSTS
Cain’s brother ABEL
Caravan creature CAMEL
City on the Passaic NEWARK
Concert bonus ENCORE
Concert highlight SOLO
Cut’s counterpart PASTE
Deal maker AGENT
Discipline CHASTEN
Doofus CLOD
Earth: Prefix GEO
Game setting ARENA
Greek X CHI
High tennis hit LOB
Houston team ASTROS
Important time ERA
Impresses AWES
Isolated APART
Jar part LID
Like ranked players SEEDED
Lone Star staters TEXANS
Louisiana school TULANE
Low digit ONE
Male turkey TOM
Met performer TENOR
Mid-month time IDES
Mist over FOGUP
Munich mister HERR
Muse count NINE
Network junction NODE
Not neat UNKEMPT
Piano pieces ETUDES
Reader’s destination BOOKSTORE
Reduce to only the best WINNOW
Refiner’s stuff ORE
Salem’s state OREGON
Shade source ELM
Silent assent NOD
Skiing surface SNOW
Snide expression SNEER
Spanish gold ORO
Struck out XED
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Stylish HIP
Therefore HENCE
Tie the knot WED
Vacuum lack AIR
Wood-burning appliance COOKSTOVE
Workers’ home HIVE


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