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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jan 20 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Exodus” hero ARI
“Of Mice and Men” character LENNIE
Arthur C. Clarke book CHILDHOODSEND
Arthur C. Clarke book IMPERIALEARTH
Bargains DEALS
Boy, slangily KIDDO
Broken, in a way TAMED
Building wing ELL
Carnival city RIO
Clinic nickname DOC
Conical abodes TEPEES
Cry of distress OHNO
Dearth LACK
Door part HINGE
Flock member LAMB
Furtive fellow SNEAK
Go ashore DEBARK
Gym item BARBELL
Ill will SPITE
Join together WED
Located SITED
Made mistakes ERRED
Mailbox part SLOT
Newspaper part PAGE
Nonsense ROT
Occupied TAKEN
Orchard crop APPLES
Outside our atmosphere INSPACE
Part of a London bus TOPDECK
Phone part SCREEN
Plentiful AMPLE
Pot brew TEA
Rat out TELLON
Rosary unit BEAD
Rose pest APHID
Shoulder muscles DELTS
Sky sights STARS
Station workers REDCAPS
Storage spots BINS
Sturdy wood OAK
Surgical tool LASER
Sweeping sound SWISH
Thin cut SLIT
Unspoiled spot EDEN
Wave setting SHORE
Winter wear COAT
Young fox KIT
Zoo beast APE


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