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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 28 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Knives Out” star de Armas ANA
“Roses __ red” ARE
American League team ASTROS
Appears SEEMS
Aware of WISETO
Bar mixer SODA
Biscotti flavor ANISE
Blog entries POSTS
Casual top TEE
Chips buy BAG
Cologne’s river RHINE
Davis of “Thelma and Louise” GEENA
Deadly FATAL
Eagles’ homes AERIES
Friendly señorita AMIGA
Gift from Santa TOY
Go by PASS
Greek vowel ETA
Helper: Abbr ASST
Hun leader ATTILA
Keanu of “John Wick” REEVES
Less dangerous SAFER
Martini garnish OLIVE
National League team MARLINS
National League team PIRATES
National League team ROCKIES
National League team BRAVES
National League team BREWERS
Nick of “Affliction” NOLTE
Singer Horne LENA
Some primates APES
Sports spot ARENA
Spring period LENT
Stump figure ORATOR
Sub sounder SONAR
Tear off DETACH
Throne occupant KING
Tower town PISA
Track trip LAP
Unkempt MESSY
Used the pool SWAM
Wall climbers IVIES
White rat, e.g ALBINO
Winter weather SNOW
Witch trial town SALEM
__ Alamos LOS


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