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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Ben-Hur” star HESTON
“That’s gross!” UGH
1949 Cagney movie WHITEHEAT
Avril follower MAI
Beginning OUTSET
Brief drop DIP
Bubble, e.g SPHERE
Choir voice ALTO
CPR expert EMT
Diner sandwich BLT
Do copy work EDIT
Do the decks SWAB
Door sign ENTER
Egg outline OVAL
Exaggerate OVERDO
Fury IRE
Keg contents BEER
Lightning home TAMPA
Lingerie buy BRA
List of choices MENU
Minotaur’s home CRETE
Monsieur’s wife MADAME
Nodding, perhaps SLEEPY
Oldest Brady daughter MARCIA
Orangutan, e.g APE
Parking penalties FINES
Periodical, for short MAG
Peruse READ
Plant boss FOREMAN
Poorly lit DIM
Rating unit STAR
Rocker Collins PHIL
Rocks at the bar ICE
Scots’ toppers TAMS
Shop tools SAWS
Sleep sound SNORE
Snaky swimmer EEL
Sonora sendoff ADIOS
Spanish gold ORO
Steers clear of AVOIDS
Suffer AIL
Sword part HILT
Tad’s dad ABE
Thanksgiving choice WHITEMEAT
Threaded fastener SCREW
Tick off PEEVE
Tolerated ABIDED
Utter SAY
Visibly shocked AGAPE
Zodiac twins GEMINI

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