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Universal Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

Universal Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Stage production 4 letters PLAY
Macadamia for one 3 letters NUT
Civil rights leader Medgar 5 letters EVERS
Spanish greeting 4 letters HOLA
Garment at some Indian weddings 4 letters SARI
Sex and the City star Cynthia 5 letters NIXON
Just tell me! – both uncool and cool? 9 letters OUTWITHIT
Chocolate bean 5 letters CACAO
Designer Karan 5 letters DONNA
T-Bonz dog treat company 4 letters ALPO
Baton Rouge sch. 3 letters LSU
Cardinals on scoreboards 3 letters STL
Ram’s attack – both top and bottom? 8 letters HEADBUTT
Appropriate 3 letters APT
Gave the go-ahead 3 letters OKD
Caddie’s bagful 4 letters TEES
Outermost part of the Earth and pizza 5 letters CRUST
Anger 4 letters RAGE
Two-wheeled vehicle 4 letters BIKE
Work of fiction – both old and new? 15 letters HISTORICALNOVEL
Where you can hang out with all the boys in song 4 letters YMCA
Gibbons and gorillas 4 letters APES
Fencing equipment 5 letters EPEES
Goals 4 letters AIMS
Letter after chi 3 letters PSI
Relaxing getaway 3 letters SPA
Saturday Night Live start – both unwelcoming and welcoming 8 letters COLDOPEN
Sensitive subject to some 3 letters AGE
Letter after pi 3 letters RHO
Combustible heap 4 letters PYRE
Monotonous drone 5 letters THRUM
Stopped sleeping 5 letters AWOKE
Antonyms like the pairs in the answers to 16- 24- 40- and 51-Across 9 letters OPPOSITES
Sat for a portrait 5 letters POSED
Fudge! 4 letters DARN
Place to pitch a tent 4 letters CAMP
Influences 5 letters SWAYS
Evil Woman band for short 3 letters ELO
Call to a mate 4 letters AHOY
Soup that might contain meatballs 3 letters PHO
Like a booming voice 4 letters LOUD
Voice below soprano 4 letters ALTO
Opens wide 5 letters YAWNS
Not interested 3 letters NAH
Dickens’ ___ Heep 5 letters URIAH
Name of a TV show 5 letters TITLE
Convert into a cipher 6 letters ENCODE
By means of 3 letters VIA
News scoops from a single source 10 letters EXCLUSIVES
Cook on a rotisserie 5 letters ROAST
Prominent part of an anteater 5 letters SNOUT
Piece of celery 5 letters STALK
Altogether 6 letters INTOTO
Slumdog Millionaire star Dev 5 letters PATEL
Jazz genre 5 letters BEBOP
In need of a massage 4 letters ACHY
Straight-laced 4 letters PRIM
Crimson Tide’s home city 10 letters TUSCALOOSA
Plumbing problem 4 letters DRIP
Straight-laced 5 letters STAID
Trick taker at times 3 letters ACE
Have a sudden inspiration? 4 letters GASP
Hang on to 4 letters KEEP
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
Scratchy-sounding 5 letters RASPY
Makes pony noises 6 letters NEIGHS
Fuel-efficient two-wheeled vehicles 6 letters MOPEDS
Used as a chair 5 letters SATON
Dice game 5 letters CRAPS
Mind. Blown. 5 letters OHWOW
Chip away at 5 letters ERODE
Kathmandu’s country 5 letters NEPAL
Novelist Jong 5 letters ERICA
State that touches New Mexico at a single point 4 letters UTAH
Interoffice note 4 letters MEMO
Crucial 3 letters KEY
Major leaguer 3 letters PRO
Mole e.g. 3 letters SPY


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