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Universal Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Universal Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Pal 3 letters BUD
Short snoozes 4 letters NAPS
Frequently caught Animal Crossing fish 4 letters CARP
___ your pardon? 4 letters IBEG
… though there may not even be one 5 letters IFANY
Back of a boot 4 letters HEEL
Jules Verne’s submarine captain 4 letters NEMO
It’s true! 5 letters NOLIE
Tolstoy’s ___ Karenina 4 letters ANNA
Eins zwei ___ … 4 letters DREI
*Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum film (2012) 10 letters JUMPSTREET
Reasons to resign 8 letters SCANDALS
Dark period? 6 letters OUTAGE
Argentine dance 5 letters TANGO
*Katherine Heigl and James Marsden film (2008) 7 letters DRESSES
Director Welles 5 letters ORSON
Outer part of a Whopper 3 letters BUN
Places where things are often breaking? 9 letters NEWSROOMS
Taylor Swift’s ___ Song 3 letters OUR
Washington but not Lincoln 5 letters STATE
Fuzzy Antarctic newborn 7 letters SEALPUP
Kind of numerals made from letters 5 letters ROMAN
NFL running back Peterson 6 letters ADRIAN
You gotta speed up! 8 letters STEPONIT
*Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler film (2004) 10 letters FIRSTDATES
Mark for removal to a proofreader 4 letters DELE
Fighting 4 letters ATIT
Be real 5 letters EXIST
Person with a login 4 letters USER
Judge’s garment 4 letters ROBE
Al ___ (cooked but still firm) 5 letters DENTE
Holiday candle scent 4 letters PINE
Country on the Caspian Sea 4 letters IRAN
Terrier type named for a Scottish isle 4 letters SKYE
Calculate a sum 3 letters ADD
Makes a connection with in chemistry 7 letters BINDSTO
Modern taxicab 7 letters UBERCAR
Takes down a peg 7 letters DEMEANS
Stealthy mercenary of feudal Japan 5 letters NINJA
Run ___ of the law 5 letters AFOUL
Fortunetellers might read them 5 letters PALMS
Salon sound 4 letters SNIP
Sea captain’s maps 6 letters CHARTS
Trojan War hero 6 letters AENEAS
Go back on a promise 6 letters RENEGE
Arranges on a dish 6 letters PLATES
*Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo film (2004)* 7 letters GOINGON
Well what’s your decision?! 7 letters YESORNO
Election Day’s day: Abbr. 3 letters TUE
Fully cooked 4 letters DONE
The Everly Brothers e.g. 3 letters DUO
It’s cold in here! 3 letters BRR
Injured 7 letters WOUNDED
How’s it hangin’? 3 letters SUP
Dealership sticker abbr. 4 letters MSRP
Didn’t show up to dinner with maybe 7 letters STOODUP
Memory loss 7 letters AMNESIA
Last bit 7 letters TAILEND
Became a contestant 7 letters ENTERED
Trip that means journey in Swahili 6 letters SAFARI
Person who might make a long story short 6 letters EDITOR
Excited Spanish exclamation 6 letters ARRIBA
Lend an ear 6 letters LISTEN
Bit of butter 3 letters PAT
Be super smelly 5 letters STINK
On a short fuse say 5 letters TESTY
Lauder of cosmetics 5 letters ESTEE
Good fellers? 4 letters AXES


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