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Universal Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

Universal Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Go up and down 3 letters BOB
Window projection 5 letters LEDGE
Note above fa 3 letters SOL
Actress Thurman 3 letters UMA
Biblical survivor of a lion’s den 6 letters DANIEL
To be in Bordeaux 4 letters ETRE
Wine bottle opener named for an animal 15 letters RABBITCORKSCREW
Investigate as personal matters 7 letters PRYINTO
First word sung on January 1 for many 6 letters SHOULD
Phonograph stylus 6 letters NEEDLE
Stately trees 4 letters ELMS
Song heard on Bastille Day 14 letters LAMARSEILLAISE
Bad smells 5 letters ODORS
Starting from 4 letters ASOF
Like venison to some 4 letters GAMY
Court proceeding 5 letters TRIAL
Sole 4 letters LONE
… the eye ___ not itself (Brutus) 4 letters SEES
Anglo-___ 5 letters SAXON
This promise will be kept! 14 letters IMAMANOFMYWORD
Scandal name suffix 4 letters GATE
Like some pungent bagels 6 letters ONIONY
Apparel line? 6 letters INSEAM
Offers chips perhaps 7 letters ANTESUP
Pleasure experienced through another’s actions 15 letters VICARIOUSTHRILL
Small energy source 4 letters ATOM
Shells used like trumpets 6 letters CONCHS
Serengeti grazer 3 letters GNU
Volleyball barrier 3 letters NET
Says Go away say 5 letters SHOOS
Remind repeatedly 3 letters NAG
Pat on the back as a 3-Down 4 letters BURP
Congresswoman Ilhan 4 letters OMAR
Wee one 4 letters BABY
Baristas’ milky offerings 6 letters LATTES
Obfuscate as a message 6 letters ENCODE
God in Italy 3 letters DIO
Eastern neighbor of Belg. 3 letters GER
Lodge members 4 letters ELKS
Plays guitar chords perhaps 6 letters STRUMS
Vague conclusion to a threat 6 letters ORELSE
Crude 4 letters LEWD
Their orders might be carried out in good weather 6 letters DINERS
Romaine concern 5 letters ECOLI
Consisting of two parts 6 letters BINARY
Bundle of papers 5 letters SHEAF
Intermediary 7 letters LIAISON
Frozen character dressed in blue 4 letters ELSA
Yule burner 3 letters LOG
Org. concerned with teeth 3 letters ADA
Parent celebrated in May 3 letters MOM
Online chuckle 3 letters LOL
Word before bag or spoon 3 letters TEA
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Atticus Finch’s occupation 6 letters LAWYER
Kitchen gadget brand 3 letters OXO
Neither fish ___ fowl 3 letters NOR
Period for many a sentence 3 letters END
Apply messily 5 letters SMEAR
Electronic musical instruments briefly 6 letters SYNTHS
Set on fire 6 letters IGNITE
Bernie Brewer for the Milwaukee Brewers 6 letters MASCOT
Best group of players 5 letters ATEAM
Epic fail 6 letters FIASCO
Annual dozen 6 letters MONTHS
Great or Terrible czar 4 letters IVAN
What singers hold for short 4 letters MICS
Stop or Do Not Enter 4 letters SIGN
Radius neighbor 4 letters ULNA
Power cord part 4 letters PLUG
How wonderful! 3 letters OOH
Numero ___ 3 letters UNO


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