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Universal Crossword July 06, 2024

Author: by Jess Rucks


Open a bit AJAR
Indonesian province nicknamed “Island of the Gods” BALI
Verb in a souffle recipe WHIP
Walk leisurely MOSEYALONG
Conceal HIDE
Tennis legend who allegedly coined the term “in the zone” ARTHURASHE
Bon ___ (indie folk band) IVER
Guitar band … but not a rock band STRAP
One prone to ordering things compulsively? NEATFREAK
Cry loudly SOB
Muscular terrier type PITBULL
Granulated base for a Japanese soup stock DASHIPOWDER
Spine-stretching yoga sequence CATCOW
UFO pilots ETS
“Aladdin” parrot IAGO
“Sour Patch Kid ___ Are the Latest in a Long Line of Wacky Flavors” (Daily Beast headline) OREOS
___ Vegas LAS
“Start … NOW!” ANDGO
___ Scout Cookies GIRL
Yoga pad MAT
Supercool BADASS
Some beachfront constructions SANDCASTLES
Chinese steamed bun BAO
Italian appetizer ANTIPASTO
Sports venue ARENA
“Shrek” actress Cameron DIAZ
“Take a breath … and relax” COUNTTOTEN
1998 animated film often compared to “A Bug’s Life” ANTZ
“This is not up for debate!” ANDIMEANIT
Small plateau MESA
“Good grief!” GEEZ
Wide valley DALE


Reddit Q&As AMAS
Portmanteau for denim cutoffs JORTS
Prefix for “physics” ASTRO
Physical therapy, for short REHAB
Place to order a beer BAR
“You Learn” singer Morissette ALANIS
“I’ve had enough of that tone from you” LOSETHEATTITUDE
Tornado’s smaller relative WHIRLWIND
Bee’s home HIVE
Concept IDEA
Extra benefit PERK
“Mm-hmm” YUP
Outfits, informally GETUPS
Rapper ___ Rida FLO
Foot for a 23-Across PAW
Uno + uno DOS
Father, to a toddler DADA
Deviled ___ (appetizers topped with paprika) EGGS
Aussie jumpers ROOS
Gear teeth COGS
Opera highlight ARIA
Coastal bird TERN
Leftovers-for-breakfast option COLDPIZZA
Concert closer LASTSONG
Smallish batteries AAS
Shaken instrument MARACA
Singer ___ Folds BEN
Own up (to) COP
Canadian dollar coin, slangily LOONIE
Expansive BROAD
Big name in health insurance AETNA
Buck in the Baseball Hall of Fame ONEIL
Eve’s partner in Eden ADAM
Number of lives for a cat, it’s said NINE
Pieces of body art, briefly TATS
Had a snack ATE
Player’s payment ANTE
Celebrity news site TMZ


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