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Universal Crossword July 08, 2024

Author: by George Jasper


Puts in stitches SEWS
Motionless ATREST
___ thai PAD
“SOS,” e.g. PLEA
Cowboy of the South American pampas GAUCHO
“Love Story” actress MacGraw ALI
*Sea captain’s final order ABANDONSHIP
GPS calculation RTE
Opportunity on Mars, for one ROVER
Like ultrabright colors NEON
Edinburgh native SCOT
Meadow mama EWE
Here, in Haiti ICI
Some luau instruments, briefly UKES
*Green Mexican dish AVOCADOSALAD
Good guys in old Western films, typically LAWMEN
Easy pace LOPE
Palindromic kitchenware brand OXO
Well ventilated AIRY
Support beam JOIST
Took legal action SUED
Surveillance org. NSA
Trims the grass MOWS
“That true?” ISITSO
*Metaphor for an abundance of acronyms ALPHABETSOUP
Greater than great EPIC
Grammy winner DiFranco ANI
___-mo replay SLO
“Pronto!” ASAP
Site of a baseball merger? SEAM
___ solar eclipse TOTAL
Part of mpg PER
*First American astronaut to travel in space ALANSHEPARD
Bit of butter PAT
Egg (on) URGE
Pig’s digs STY
Capital of Greece … and when parsed differently, a hint to the starred clues’ answers ATHENS
Hershey toffee bar SKOR


Pickup in a bowling alley SPARE
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Work on a loom WEAVE
Levelheaded SANE
“Let’s give it ___!” AGO
___ acid (wine component) TANNIC
Sneaky trick RUSE
Canyon sound effect ECHO
Leg part guarded in soccer SHIN
Spinning toy TOP
Distribute PARCELOUT
*Some jazz combo instruments ALTOSAXES
Eating plan DIET
Reggae relative SKA
Function USE
Comedian Schumer AMY
Elite group of celebs ALIST
___ and don’ts DOS
Possible choice OPTION
Extinct bird DODO
Lang of “Smallville” LANA
*Plane passenger’s request, maybe AISLESEAT
Film cast and crew celebration WRAPPARTY
Be in debt OWE
Little taste SIP
___ and cheese MAC
Luxury hotel room SUITE
Trendy HIP
Biblical strong man SAMSON
Barren STARK
Slowly, in music LARGO
Like big siblings OLDER
YouTube and Instagram APPS
Narrow opening SLIT
Apiece EACH
Starting poker bet ANTE
Magnum ___ OPUS
Director DuVernay AVA
Time sheet figs. HRS


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