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Universal Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

General activities? 4 letters WARS
The Way singer Jill 5 letters SCOTT
Spanx product 3 letters BRA
Give off as light 4 letters EMIT
Plains dwelling 5 letters TEPEE
Unfilled space 4 letters VOID
Package sealer 4 letters TAPE
Echo Dot assistant 5 letters ALEXA
Word after a mistake 4 letters OOPS
*HOMES for remembering the Great Lakes e.g. 13 letters MNEMONICTRICK
Eye exam providers: Abbr. 3 letters ODS
Smooching on the bus for short 3 letters PDA
Hole digger’s tool 5 letters SPADE
Lady Marmalade singer LaBelle 5 letters PATTI
*Seed that chocolate comes from 9 letters COCOABEAN
Artist Yoko 3 letters ONO
Small doggo 3 letters PUP
Constellation found in solar activity 3 letters ARA
*Pay attention to this! 15 letters LISTENCAREFULLY
Praiseful poem 3 letters ODE
Spanish seasoning 3 letters SAL
Illmatic rapper 3 letters NAS
*Like some videos of growing plants 9 letters TIMELAPSE
One way to spell meat on a stick 5 letters KABOB
Player in a Georgia fiddle contest in a song 5 letters DEVIL
G.I. ration 3 letters MRE
Part of a history book 3 letters ERA
Investor with a limited role … or the unpronounced letters in the first words of the starred clues’ answers collectively? 13 letters SILENTPARTNER
Glove worn at home 4 letters MITT
Like Dock Ellis’ perfect game 5 letters NOHIT
Model Hadid 4 letters GIGI
Zone 4 letters AREA
Illinois airport 5 letters OHARE
What to tap to open an app 4 letters ICON
Roof topping 3 letters TAR
Blew away 5 letters WOWED
___ shui 4 letters FENG
Spill cleaner 6 letters WETMOP
Seyfried of A Mouthful of Air 6 letters AMANDA
Most ready to be picked 6 letters RIPEST
Champagne flute part 4 letters STEM
Get up 5 letters STAND
Relating to the abdomen 6 letters CELIAC
Intl. oil cartel 4 letters OPEC
It might contain an emoji 4 letters TEXT
Quickly unboxes 9 letters TEARSOPEN
New writer’s hope 8 letters BOOKDEAL
Let ‘er ___! 3 letters RIP
Often-skipped parts of videos 3 letters ADS
Words to study for short 5 letters VOCAB
Offer one’s two cents 5 letters OPINE
Fresh hop or hazy beer 3 letters IPA
___ Grey tea 4 letters EARL
Small kiddo 3 letters TOT
Milky-white gems 5 letters OPALS
Ill-tempered dog 3 letters CUR
Formal objection 3 letters NAY
Available in stores 9 letters ONSALENOW
Parcel of land 3 letters LOT
Look what ___! 4 letters IDID
School term 8 letters SEMESTER
Part of a jockey’s uniform 3 letters CAP
Impostor 5 letters FAKER
Home to Nebraska and Alaska briefly 3 letters USA
Musical about Peron 5 letters EVITA
Word before Yachty and Peep in rap 3 letters LIL
Vast realm 6 letters EMPIRE
No fighting! 6 letters BENICE
Crater Lake’s state 6 letters OREGON
Revealing to all 6 letters BARING
Gave stars on IMDb say 5 letters RATED
NYC or LA neighborhood 4 letters NOHO
Defrost 4 letters THAW
I don’t have to work tomorrow! 4 letters TGIF
Wrestling surface 3 letters MAT
Investment initials 3 letters IRA


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