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Universal Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

Pun-loving parents perhaps 4 letters DADS
Ohio city where Goodyear is based 5 letters AKRON
Lima’s land 4 letters PERU
Revered figure 4 letters IDOL
Pageant winner’s headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Pub pints 4 letters ALES
*Line 1 on this puzzle’s mixtape label: Say So / Fever (Hint: Note the scrambled word in each starred clue’s answer) 15 letters DOJACATPEGGYLEE
Increases muscle size with up 5 letters BULKS
Newspaper commentaries 5 letters OPEDS
Ave. crossers 3 letters STS
Constricting snake 3 letters BOA
Bear whose porridge was too hot for Goldilocks 4 letters PAPA
*Line 2: Hey Ya! / Last Kiss 15 letters OUTKASTPEARLJAM
Sings softly 6 letters CROONS
In addition 4 letters ALSO
Equal or exist 3 letters ARE
Rustic lodgings 4 letters INNS
Drill insert 3 letters BIT
Target of a joke 4 letters BUTT
Noshed on 3 letters ATE
Owl’s home on a farm 4 letters BARN
Meeting whose guest of honor never RSVPs? 6 letters SEANCE
*Line 3: Royals / Hit Me With Your Best Shot 15 letters LORDEPATBENATAR
Aid with a crime 4 letters ABET
In addition 3 letters AND
Twelve-mo. timespans 3 letters YRS
Contraption 5 letters GIZMO
Climate change or the economy e.g. 5 letters ISSUE
*Line 4: Heat of the Moment / West End Girls 15 letters ASIAPETSHOPBOYS
Tough walk 4 letters SLOG
Printer powder 5 letters TONER
Spanish for tar 4 letters BREA
Sheet of glass 4 letters PANE
Restless 5 letters ANTSY
Con game 4 letters SCAM
Completed 3 letters DID
Hubbub 3 letters ADO
Atty. gen.’s domain 3 letters DOJ
Thick piece 4 letters SLAB
Clueless 7 letters ATALOSS
Candy bar with wafers 6 letters KITKAT
Speaks on a hip-hop track 4 letters RAPS
Mined matter 3 letters ORE
Pester constantly 3 letters NAG
Venmo’s parent company 6 letters PAYPAL
She in Paris 4 letters ELLE
Clarinetist’s buy 4 letters REED
Employs 4 letters USES
Sandwich type with pork and pickles 5 letters CUBAN
Leave the amateur leagues 5 letters GOPRO
Extroverted 6 letters SOCIAL
Consult for help 6 letters TURNTO
High-minded person? 6 letters STONER
Bombard 4 letters PELT
Common batteries 3 letters AAS
Some boxing wins: Abbr. 3 letters KOS
Material for very thin coats? 5 letters PAINT
Full of pep 6 letters JAUNTY
Vehicle seen at Burning Man 6 letters ARTCAR
Olympic length units 6 letters METERS
Spoiled kid 4 letters BRAT
Sheep sound 3 letters BAA
Jazz style for Dizzy Gillespie 5 letters BEBOP
One swings in the jungle 3 letters APE
Part of ESP 7 letters SENSORY
Become eventually 5 letters ENDUP
Cause harm to 6 letters DAMAGE
Wild parties 6 letters BASHES
Sound of surprise 4 letters GASP
Puerto Rico por ejemplo 4 letters ISLA
Jerusalem temple site 4 letters ZION
Winning ___ everything 4 letters ISNT
Subsides 4 letters EBBS
LaGuardia landing stat 3 letters ETA
2000 pounds 3 letters TON
Evil Tolkien soldier 3 letters ORC
Thumbs-up vote 3 letters YEA
Uncle popularized during the War of 1812 3 letters SAM


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