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Universal Crossword November 17 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 17 2022 Answers:

Bird in hieroglyphs 4 letters IBIS
Way to go? 5 letters TRAIL
H-shaped Greek letters 4 letters ETAS
Tirade 4 letters RANT
Turn down an offer 5 letters SAYNO
Drink from a drive-through often 4 letters SODA
Indian flour 4 letters ATTA
*Imitation 10 letters KNOCKITOFF
Operatic solo 4 letters ARIA
Early internet app with a buddy list 3 letters AIM
Casual top 3 letters TEE
*Cause to happen 9 letters BRINGITON
Ski equipment 5 letters POLES
Cloth scrap 3 letters RAG
Dear ___ Hansen 4 letters EVAN
Subdues 5 letters TAMES
Responsibility 4 letters ONUS
Catan resource 3 letters ORE
Alicia Keys’ record label 3 letters RCA
*Informal social gathering 13 letters GETITTOGETHER
Pub order 3 letters ALE
Movers’ rental 3 letters VAN
Actor Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Julia who said I was 32 when I started cooking: up until then I just ate 5 letters CHILD
Jazzy singer James 4 letters ETTA
CFO’s degree often 3 letters MBA
Riyadh resident 5 letters SAUDI
*End a relationship 9 letters BREAKITUP
The Baby-Sitters Club creator ___ M. Martin 3 letters ANN
Nearly gone pencil 3 letters NUB
E-commerce icon 4 letters CART
Let the show begin and a hint to making sense of the starred clues’ answers 10 letters TAKEITAWAY
Dole (out) 4 letters METE
___ of March 4 letters IDES
Run off together 5 letters ELOPE
Crimp together along the ___ (empanada recipe step) 4 letters SEAM
Snitch 4 letters NARC
Vegas machines 5 letters SLOTS
Nordic capital 4 letters OSLO
Radio host Glass 3 letters IRA
The Dark Knight’s weapon 8 letters BATARANG
Palace ___ (prestige TV fodder) 8 letters INTRIGUE
Wood finish 5 letters STAIN
Disapproving sound 3 letters TSK
Jogged 3 letters RAN
Actress Edebiri of The Bear 3 letters AYO
Like many Peruvian ruins 5 letters INCAN
Norse trickster god 4 letters LOKI
Approx. fig. 3 letters EST
Play a flute 6 letters TOOTLE
Commercial costs 6 letters ADFEES
Dollar stores? 5 letters SAFES
Deeply affect 6 letters IMPACT
Mature 3 letters AGE
Certain sib 3 letters BRO
Election Day sticker 6 letters IVOTED
Sour 4 letters TART
Bogey compared to par 7 letters ONEOVER
Nebraska city 5 letters OMAHA
Starbucks size after Venti 6 letters TRENTA
Unadventurous 5 letters STAID
Fighting Big Ten team 6 letters ILLINI
Airport area 4 letters GATE
Shady group in the National Mall 8 letters ELMTREES
Optional trial phase after the defense rests 8 letters REBUTTAL
Ceiling 3 letters CAP
Alex Trebek’s birth country 6 letters CANADA
Ride out a storm with down 6 letters HUNKER
Best in Show org. 3 letters AKC
Gown material 5 letters SATIN
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool / And all shootin’ some ___ outside of the school 5 letters BBALL
You are not retort 5 letters IAMSO
Great Basin natives 4 letters UTES
Top-left keyboard key 3 letters ESC
Romance 3 letters WOO
Well-put 3 letters APT
OK! 3 letters YES
Music genre that might get you right in the feels 3 letters EMO

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