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Universal Crossword November 22 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 22 2022 Answers:

State-run games of chance 6 letters LOTTOS
Should I know that name? 3 letters WHO
Pewter component 3 letters TIN
Stuck with the same old same old 6 letters INARUT
Feature prominently 8 letters SHOWCASE
*Gadget used on zucchini (In this clue’s answer see letters 9-12) 15 letters VEGETABLEPEELER
Double curve 3 letters ESS
Laundry problem 5 letters STAIN
Winter vehicle 4 letters SLED
Belief in a supreme being 5 letters DEISM
Bar for a bath 4 letters SOAP
*Gets lucky (letters 7-11) 13 letters CATCHESABREAK
Thin opening 4 letters SLOT
Unaccompanied 4 letters SOLO
Hooray! in Honduras 3 letters OLE
Greeted with a hand? 7 letters WAVEDAT
Large cooking vessel 7 letters STEWPOT
___ Maria 3 letters AVE
Regrets 4 letters RUES
Voice below soprano 4 letters ALTO
*Haitian-American sprinter who won two medals at the 2015 Pan American Games (letters 6-11) 13 letters BARBARAPIERRE
Buckwheat noodle 4 letters SOBA
That’s possible 5 letters ITMAY
On the topic of 4 letters ASTO
Prepare as an athlete 5 letters TRAIN
Lamb’s cry 3 letters BAA
Daring performers with blades … or the starred clues’ answers? 15 letters SWORDSWALLOWERS
Wagner’s last opera 8 letters PARSIFAL
Should that be true … 6 letters IFITIS
Person you shouldn’t recognize? 3 letters SPY
Uno + uno 3 letters DOS
Crocheted blanket 6 letters AFGHAN
Not on tape 4 letters LIVE
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Price indicators 4 letters TAGS
Uno + due 3 letters TRE
Beginning 6 letters OUTSET
Unmoving 6 letters STATIC
___ Worlds Collide (1951 sci-fi classic) 4 letters WHEN
Advance by a foot? 3 letters HOP
Be in debt 3 letters OWE
Research shows they earn notably more per above-average inch 10 letters TALLPEOPLE
Understood 4 letters ISEE
One might enjoy studying 4 letters NERD
Hits with goo as on Nickelodeon 6 letters SLIMES
Labor activist Chavez 5 letters CESAR
Big party 4 letters BASH
July 4 1776 for example 4 letters DATE
Seawater feature 4 letters SALT
Hollow reed of a sort 4 letters OBOE
Magazine’s featured article 10 letters COVERSTORY
Sailor’s emergency letters 3 letters SOS
Much 4 letters ALOT
Low-carb diet 4 letters KETO
Clean as a deck 4 letters SWAB
It built Hawaii 4 letters LAVA
Blah in color 4 letters DRAB
Intriguing glow 4 letters AURA
Earl Grey say 3 letters TEA
Suspicious (of) 4 letters WARY
Corkscrew shape 6 letters SPIRAL
Ill-mannered sorts 5 letters BOORS
Slanted typeface for short 4 letters ITAL
Game of Thrones actress Clarke 6 letters EMILIA
Fled 6 letters RANOFF
Snakes in an Indiana Jones film 4 letters ASPS
Exchange 4 letters SWAP
___ the night before Christmas … 4 letters TWAS
Little Women woman 4 letters BETH
59-Across highlight 4 letters ARIA
The first A of NAACP: Abbr. 4 letters ASSN
Accomplished 3 letters DID
Airport NW of LAX 3 letters SFO
Drag queen’s headwear often 3 letters WIG

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