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Universal – Jun 23 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“A Visit From the Goon Squad” author Jennifer EGAN
“Cold one” BEER
“Fancy that!” GEE
“How relaxing!” AAH
“How terrible!” HORRORS
50 Cent piece RAP
Absorbent fabric TERRY
Animals in a pride LIONS
Annex ADD
Applies 41-Across PAVES
Aptly named boat in “Jaws” ORCA
Aspiring atty.’s exam LSAT
Avarice GREED
Average, in statistics MEAN
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Bagpiper’s wear KILT
Bakery or brewery supply YEAST
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Big name in outdoor gear REI
Bringing up the rear LAST
Carson’s successor on “The Tonight Show” LENO
Close calls NEARMISSES
Cockeyed ASKEW
Commercials ADS
Complete jerk ASS
Condemn to perdition DAMN
Contact, for one LENS
Dance partner? SONG
Definitely will SHALL
Destructive kind of wave TIDAL
Didn’t dillydally SPED
Digitizes, as a document SCANSIN
Dress up at a comic con COSPLAY
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Even so YET
Exist ARE
Far from ruddy ASHY
Feverish, perhaps ILL
Fill to excess SATIATE
Finds a function for USES
Fishing pole ROD
Food at a Japanese bar SUSHI
Hotels and such LODGINGS
Kind of grant for a student PELL
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Library’s policy forbidding book reservations? HOLDSBARRED
Malt shop’s claim to fame? GREATSHAKES
Name within “mesmerized” ESME
Nintendo’s Super ___ NES
Old MacDonald’s refrain EIEIO
Omar who portrayed Doctor Zhivago SHARIF
One has a sole SHOE
Out of whack AWRY
Pals who need more room to stretch out at a sleepover? LONGERFRIENDS
Pans for gold, e.g MINES
Paris 2024 grp IOC
Passe phone features DIALS
Points at the dinner table? TINES
Roadwork gunk TAR
Rte. finder GPS
Self-help book’s genre HOWTO
She raised Cain EVE
Spicy sauce made with tomatillos GREENSALSA
Story that takes hours to tell SAGA
Thirds of thirds NINTHS
Toffee bar brand HEATH
True statement about a Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea? MANISANISLAND
Turned red, say? DYED
Walk down the runway SASHAY
What floods into a glass house SUNLIGHT
Where gladiators faced off ARENA
White terrier, informally WESTIE
Wireless standard letters LTE
Wrap up END


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