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Universal – Jun 28 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Fuller House,” for one REBOOT
“Git!” SHOO
“Perhaps” IMAY
“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” author LECARRE
A psychic is said to have a sixth one SENSE
Achieved a piloting milestone FLEWSOLO
Add your two cents OPINE
Alter ___ EGO
Aluminum maker ALCOA
An arm or a leg LIMB
Animal that brays ASS
Apt name for a tuxedo cat OREO
Assessment TEST
Automaker with a Soul KIA
Avoided detection by HIDFROM
Banded rock AGATE
Bardem of 2023’s “The Little Mermaid” JAVIER
Baseball’s Felipe, Matty or Jesus ALOU
Bejeweled headwear TIARA
Biblical tower site BABEL
Big Ben, for one BELL
California-Nevada border lake TAHOE
Camera brand mentioned in “Kodachrome” NIKON
Captain’s record LOG
Children born during COVID, briefly GENC
Complaint on a sweltering day IMHOT
Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
Door features that keep kids safe (… letters 10-14) CHILDPROOFLOCKS
Eatery such as Katz’s (… letters 4-7) KOSHERDELI
Fairy-tale fiend OGRE
Fit for a king REGAL
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Fresh NEW
Gilligan’s Island feature LAGOON
Goes down in defeat LOSES
Greedy person’s cry MINE
Heartfelt POIGNANT
Heeled, say OBEYED
Hendrick’s and Beefeater liquors GINS
Hwy. crossings JCTS
Lose color FADE
Low guitar variety BASS
Max. or min LIM
Night before EVE
Parts of a gig MEGS
Pear variety BOSC
Penn, Princeton, etc IVIES
Periods in Congress SESSIONS
Polygraph target LIE
Post office service USMAIL
Salty expanse OCEAN
Skewered SPEARED
Smitten INLOVE
Social activities for cyclists (In this answer, note letters 5-9) GROUPRIDES
Spray carried for safety MACE
Stale OLD
Tag sale disclaimer ASIS
Target of NASA’s Artemis program MOON
Teamster Jimmy who vanished in 1975 HOFFA
That woman HER
The “P” of S&P 500 POORS
They enclose petals SEPALS
TLC provider MOM
Under the weather ILL
Use the HOV lane, maybe CARPOOL
Vicinity AREA
Vietnam’s home ASIA
Wave to from the dock, perhaps SEEOFF
Word before “image” or “portrait” SELF
Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 16-Across CUB
Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 35-Across LAMB
Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 58-Across CALF
Your and my OUR
___ de plume NOM
___ the line TOE


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