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USA Today Crossword Answers November 04, 2022

Author: by Erik Agard


“Cut it out!” STOP
Prepared like latkes FRIED
Start of a URL HTTP
Prefix for “normal” or “legal” PARA
Happen again RECUR
State whose three largest cities all start with C OHIO
Slightly ABIT
Mirror ___ (reflection) IMAGE
Flimsy WEAK
Like a movie that feels like it could be a documentary CLOSETOREALLIFE
Snakelike fish EEL
Round building ROTUNDA
Curtain holder ROD
Adolescent TEEN
Suffix for “Vietnam” ESE
The – in 🙂 NOSE
Chest bone RIB
Piece of biathlon equipment SKI
Fashion icon who wrote the 2020 memoir “The Chiffon Trenches” ANDRELEONTALLEY
Drama lovers in astrology LEOS
Strongly ___ (survey response) AGREE
Part of a phrase similar to “blah blah blah” YADA
“Young man . . .” SON
Two-wheeled transport SCOOTER
First word in some rappers’ names LIL
“Hold on a moment” ONESEC
Sailor with a skull-and-crossbones flag PIRATE
Innocent expression DOEEYEDLOOK
Look closely PEER
___ Dame NOTRE
Eighteen-wheeler SEMI
Sound of a jet engine ROAR
Ballet skirts TUTUS
Cast-___ skillet IRON
Merely ONLY
Male sheep RAM
“NBA Today” channel ESPN


Common sci-fi setting SPACE
Water purification aid TABLET
Baltimore bird ORIOLE
Light touches PATS
Corn chip whose name means 5-Across FRITO
Channel-changer REMOTE
Character in Greek myth whose wax wings melted ICARUS
Oregon city EUGENE
Really not look forward to DREAD
“Sing” like a husky HOWL
That person’s THEIRS
Tennis star Frances TIAFOE
Prodded POKED
Bert and ___ ERNIE
Sri ___ LANKA
Gets it wrong ERRS
Greasy OILY
Something a white rapper might be criticized for using BLACCENT
Church towers STEEPLES
“Plus . . .” ALSO
Gas in some lights NEON
Finalized agreement DONEDEAL
Alter ___ EGO
Gold, in Spanish ORO
Trampoline safeguard NET
California NBA team LALAKERS
Proofreader’s suggested change EDIT
College in New Haven YALE
“The thing is . . .” SEE
Brazilian city, for short RIO
“Come again?” SORRY
Fanhouse co-founder Nguyen ROSIE
Part of FYI YOUR
“At Last” singer ___ James ETTA
Instrument with a kick variety DRUM
Con’s counterpart PRO
Long period of time EON
Tool for washing floors MOP
Last word in some motel names INN


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