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USA Today Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

USA Today Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

A whole bunch 4 letters MANY
Your and my 3 letters OUR
Seafarer’s vessel 4 letters SHIP
Person on an app 4 letters USER
Fortress 10 letters STRONGHOLD
Log-cutting tools 4 letters SAWS
Character who rode in a pumpkin coach 10 letters CINDERELLA
Green cards passports etc. 3 letters IDS
Distress signal at sea 3 letters SOS
Radiates 6 letters EXUDES
Springfield-style ___ chicken 6 letters CASHEW
Repetitive learning method 4 letters ROTE
I want to hear! 6 letters TELLME
Sneak a peek 6 letters GLANCE
Prayer ___ (shoulder garment) 5 letters SHAWL
What I Am singer Brickell 4 letters EDIE
Goods from a heist 4 letters LOOT
Roomy bags 5 letters TOTES
Hurry up! 4 letters CMON
Googoosh’s country 4 letters IRAN
In the thick of 4 letters AMID
Segment of a play 5 letters SCENE
Software version that might still have some bugs 4 letters BETA
Brazilian city for short 3 letters RIO
College sports org. 4 letters NCAA
Grind ___ (skate park feature) 4 letters RAIL
Soon-to-be graduate 6 letters SENIOR
Highchair component 4 letters TRAY
Brand of yoga pants 3 letters ALO
Drawer handle 4 letters KNOB
Totally accepted a lie 7 letters ATEITUP
Pasta similar to manicotti 10 letters CANNELLONI
Highly urgent 4 letters DIRE
Buckeye Chuck’s state 4 letters OHIO
Key ___ Florida 5 letters LARGO
Butcher shop cut 4 letters LOIN
Opposite of freeze 4 letters THAW
Silk taffeta feature 5 letters SHEEN
Brings to a conclusion 4 letters ENDS
Cantopop or Zamrock 5 letters MUSIC
Carne ___ burritos 5 letters ASADA
Al Arabiya or CNN International 11 letters NEWSSTATION
Twelve-mo. spans 3 letters YRS
Blues legend Rush 4 letters OTIS
Dispenser with a spigot 3 letters URN
Calf-roping contest 5 letters RODEO
Place for gardening tools 4 letters SHED
Middle of a vada 4 letters HOLE
Societal problems 4 letters ILLS
Smooching on the street for example 3 letters PDA
Grouchy look 5 letters SCOWL
State-of-the-art 14 letters NEXTGENERATION
Oliver Twist’s porridge 5 letters GRUEL
Puts on the market 5 letters SELLS
Felled with an axe 5 letters HEWED
Pork or venison 7 letters REDMEAT
Holiest city in Islam 5 letters MECCA
Suspect’s story 5 letters ALIBI
Their shared last name is just a coincidence 10 letters NORELATION
Winter layer 4 letters COAT
Sicilian volcano 4 letters ETNA
Reach for the ___ 5 letters STARS
Marge Simpson’s nickname for her husband 5 letters HOMIE
Solar wind particle 3 letters ION
Documents stored rolled-up 7 letters SCROLLS
Second to ___ (unparalleled) 4 letters NONE
Affirmative vote 3 letters AYE
You already told me! 5 letters IKNOW
$50-60k for example 5 letters RANGE
Like some clickbait headlines 5 letters LURID
Starts serving customers 5 letters OPENS
Unexciting 4 letters BLAH
Doing nothing 4 letters IDLE
Space-saving bed 3 letters COT
That makes sense 3 letters AHH
Actress Long 3 letters NIA
Portland’s st. 3 letters ORE


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