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USA Today Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

USA Today Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Part of a fast-food combo 4 letters SODA
Thing to do 4 letters TASK
Stitch 3 letters SEW
Turkey ___ (Thanksgiving race) 4 letters TROT
Places for septum rings 5 letters NOSES
Southern ___ Indian Reservation Colorado 3 letters UTE
Chile-to-Argentina direction 4 letters EAST
Korean fried rice 10 letters BOKKEUMBAP
Desperate request 4 letters PLEA
Rocks containing valuable minerals 4 letters ORES
Boom’s opposite 4 letters BUST
Costume with a big red nose 5 letters CLOWN
Establishment with a liquor license 3 letters BAR
Creamy orange dish with chicken or paneer 11 letters TIKKAMASALA
Garment for a messy meal 3 letters BIB
Singer Lennox 3 letters ARI
Vital 3 letters KEY
Cracker with 13 holes 7 letters SALTINE
Mull over 6 letters PONDER
Property re-rental 8 letters SUBLEASE
Confidentiality document 3 letters NDA
ID no. with two hyphens 3 letters SSN
Org. that monitors air quality 3 letters EPA
Sculptures stained glass etc. 3 letters ART
Liquid from boiling greens 9 letters POTLIKKER
There’s no need to ___ the obvious 5 letters STATE
ATL time zone 3 letters EST
Woodcutting tool 3 letters AXE
Spanish for gold 3 letters ORO
Colombo Sri ___ 5 letters LANKA
Puts in a particular order 5 letters SORTS
Leopold’s butcher shop purchase in Ulysses 10 letters PORKKIDNEY
Unadorned 4 letters BARE
Private teacher’s student 5 letters TUTEE
Sonic the Hedgehog company 4 letters SEGA
Coup d’___ 4 letters ETAT
Tolerate 5 letters STAND
Bigheadedness 3 letters EGO
I agree! 3 letters YES
Instructions part 4 letters STEP
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Medication amount 4 letters DOSE
Criticize harshly 6 letters ATTACK
Arcade coins 6 letters TOKENS
Poses a question 4 letters ASKS
I don’t ___ why not 3 letters SEE
Sunflower Showdown school for short 3 letters KSU
Area on the outskirts of a city 8 letters SUBURBIA
Incoming plane stats 4 letters ETAS
Cried 4 letters WEPT
Svalbard’s country 6 letters NORWAY
Gen Z millennials Gen X ___ 7 letters BOOMERS
Degree for an exec 3 letters MBA
Tahoe or Titicaca 4 letters LAKE
Colorful play areas for kids 8 letters BALLPITS
Faucet 3 letters TAP
Cast-___ skillet 4 letters IRON
Somewhat 10 letters KINDASORTA
Tempe school for short 3 letters ASU
Record companies 6 letters LABELS
___ and outs 3 letters INS
Pollinating insect 3 letters BEE
Water-resistant wood 4 letters TEAK
Sharp-tipped missile in a pub game 4 letters DART
___-Caps (candy) 3 letters SNO
Shells out cash 6 letters SPENDS
Had a chat 6 letters TALKED
Marbled Chinese snack 6 letters TEAEGG
Martial art that originated in Okinawa 6 letters KARATE
Background actors 6 letters EXTRAS
What to do to a forgotten password 5 letters RESET
___ chi 3 letters TAI
Makes a choice 4 letters OPTS
Decisive defeat 4 letters ROUT
Leg joint 4 letters KNEE
Follow an order 4 letters OBEY
Barbie’s boyfriend 3 letters KEN
Former NBA star Ming 3 letters YAO


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