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USA Today Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Doggy paddle for example 4 letters SWIM
Lose your cool 5 letters PANIC
Fraudulent offer 4 letters SCAM
Capital of Peru 4 letters LIMA
___ Lodge motels 5 letters ECONO
In ___ land 4 letters LALA
That was my suspicion 10 letters ITHOUGHTSO
Time periods 4 letters ERAS
Prickly plant part 5 letters THORN
Have a bite 3 letters EAT
Muppet with an orange nose 4 letters ELMO
Utensil with a long handle 12 letters
Breakfast with rolled oats 6 letters MUESLI
Theme park with a World Discovery section 5 letters EPCOT
Cozy place to stay the night 3 letters INN
Challah ingredient 3 letters EGG
___-high boots 5 letters THIGH
Skillet covers 4 letters LIDS
Georgetown University athlete 4 letters HOYA
People-eating monsters 5 letters OGRES
Website whose shopowners might be Indie Sellers Guild members 4 letters ETSY
Origami mishaps 5 letters TEARS
Fine-tune 4 letters HONE
Suffix for a verb 3 letters ING
Its a sketch not a ___! (comedians correction) 4 letters SKIT
Fish in some onigiri 4 letters TUNA
Mole pepper 5 letters ANCHO
Inventors starting point 4 letters IDEA
The Ms. ___ Show 3 letters PAT
Messenger molecule 3 letters RNA
Xian-to-Tokyo direction 4 letters EAST
CFO or VP 4 letters EXEC
Receiving a lot of attention 14 letters
Princess ___ Organa 4 letters LEIA
Rabbits have long ones 4 letters EARS
Skyrocket 4 letters SOAR
Former girlfriends 4 letters EXES
Cut with scissors 4 letters SNIP
Pigs place 3 letters STY
Long narrow cut 4 letters SLIT
Whats up ___ that? 4 letters WITH
The way I see it . . . in texts 4 letters IMHO
Indigenous New Zealanders 6 letters MAORIS
Lite-Brite piece 3 letters PEG
Felt sore 5 letters ACHED
Represent as sheet music 6 letters NOTATE
Part of the foot 6 letters INSTEP
Pigeons sound 3 letters COO
Pleasant dreams! 10 letters SLEEPTIGHT
Monte ___ Monaco 5 letters CARLO
Hertz competitor 5 letters ALAMO
Person who works with brick 5 letters MASON
Cousins dad 5 letters UNCLE
Number of eyes for most spiders 5 letters EIGHT
Caught in the ___ 3 letters ACT
NYC neighborhood 4 letters SOHO
Equivalent of 5280 feet 4 letters MILE
Second or kilogram 4 letters UNIT
Has no winner 10 letters ENDSINATIE
That ___ without saying 4 letters GOES
Place to share memes 9 letters GROUPCHAT
Wedding body art 5 letters HENNA
In ___ (attuned) 4 letters SYNC
Skewer often glazed with tare sauce 8 letters YAKITORI
Prone to dust storms 4 letters ARID
It might be taken or saved 4 letters SEAT
Crane material 5 letters STEEL
Cooking fat that has a high smoke point 4 letters GHEE
Building add-on 5 letters ANNEX
Rest stops for camels 5 letters OASES
x- or y- line 4 letters AXIS
Make mad 4 letters RILE
Wing-to-wing measurement 4 letters SPAN
Inflated self-images 4 letters EGOS
Where ___ the time gone? 3 letters HAS
Fish sauce amount (Abbr.) 3 letters TSP
Exert effort 3 letters TRY


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