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USA Today Crossword November 22 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 22 2022 Answers:

___ and flows 4 letters EBBS
Set of tarot cards 4 letters DECK
Some 4 letters AFEW
___core (outdoorsy aesthetic) 4 letters GORP
Results of brainstorming 5 letters IDEAS
Section of a pool or track 4 letters LANE
Protective item worn by some hockey players 10 letters GOALIEMASK
___ bien (It’s alright in Spanish) 4 letters ESTA
Scrape protectors 5 letters SCABS
Sea vessel 4 letters SHIP
See 52-Across 3 letters HER
Looked at 4 letters EYED
___ Grey tea 4 letters EARL
Org. that processes tax returns 3 letters IRS
Whichever 3 letters ANY
Take to the impound lot 3 letters TOW
Food with a de birria variety 4 letters TACO
Top execs 4 letters CEOS
___ the dishes 4 letters WASH
Grandmas 5 letters NANAS
From a Native Daughter author 15 letters HAUNANIKAYTRASK
Mistake 5 letters ERROR
Purple boba tea flavor 4 letters TARO
Website with auctions 4 letters EBAY
Instructions part 4 letters STEP
___ Tour (golf org.) 3 letters PGA
Vinyl records 3 letters LPS
Pronoun along with 23-Across 3 letters SHE
United ___ Emirates 4 letters ARAB
Friend in a conflict 4 letters ALLY
Electric ___ (sea creature) 3 letters EEL
Exchange for money 4 letters SELL
Beach buckets 5 letters PAILS
Jealousy 4 letters ENVY
Not get distracted 10 letters STAYONTASK
Largest joint in the human body 4 letters KNEE
Matches just before the final 5 letters SEMIS
Sicilian volcano 4 letters ETNA
Cheeky attitude 4 letters SASS
French philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
. . . and the ___ is history! 4 letters REST
Ramen topping 3 letters EGG
Cries of disapproval 4 letters BOOS
Get ready y’all 15 letters BRACEYOURSELVES
Spread out like fingers 5 letters SPLAY
Fades away 8 letters DIESDOWN
Genre whose D stands for dance 3 letters EDM
___ and desist 5 letters CEASE
___ varnishkes (buckwheat-and-pasta dish) 5 letters KASHA
Ginger ___ 3 letters ALE
Intentionally not on time to a party 15 letters FASHIONABLYLATE
Go in 5 letters ENTER
Has on 5 letters WEARS
Piece of clothing that can also be a verb 5 letters SKIRT
No surprise there 4 letters IBET
Monstera deliciosa or philodendron 5 letters PLANT
Feel sore 4 letters ACHE
Close by 4 letters NEAR
Hang on a moment . . . 4 letters WAIT
I couldn’t ___ less 4 letters CARE
Obnoxious person 4 letters SNOT
The Maytals genre 3 letters SKA
Heavy string instrument 4 letters HARP
Right away! 4 letters ASAP
The ___ the limit! 4 letters SKYS
Regions 5 letters AREAS
Asana 8 letters YOGAPOSE
Word after bench or leg in weight training 5 letters PRESS
Mathematician Turing 4 letters ALAN
Looks for 5 letters SEEKS
Eid al-Fitr dye 5 letters HENNA
Make changes to 5 letters ALTER
Hold responsible 5 letters BLAME
Roughly a quarter of a gallon 5 letters LITER
ID nos. that shouldn’t be shared widely 4 letters SSNS
I’m game! 3 letters YES
___ and yang 3 letters YIN
Kit ___ bar 3 letters KAT

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