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USA Today – Jan 21 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Did you get a glimpse?’ SEETHAT
‘Honest’ president ABE
‘Hooray!’ WOO
‘Insecure’ star Issa RAE
‘The Nutcracker,’ for one BALLET
‘Today’ co-host Kotb HODA
‘Turning Red’ writer/director Domee SHI
Alongside WITH
Animal similar to an alpaca LLAMA
Attire GARB
Attracted to people of any gender, for short PAN
Author’s rep AGENT
Bed on wheels ROLLAWAY
Bruins’ school UCLA
Chain that sells catnip mice PETCO
City in Andalusia, Spain, home to the Great Mosque CORDOBA
Cries and cries SOBS
Dairy-free ice cream alternative SORBET
Day after Wed THU
Days of ___ (olden times) YORE
Designed, as a contract DREWUP
Designs embedded in a wooden box INLAYS
Digit in a sock TOE
Dove’s call COO
English assignments ESSAYS
Extended a greeting SAIDHELLO
Eyelid bump STYE
Fashionably ___ LATE
Fine sediment SILT
Generational ___ (Xers or Zoomers) COHORT
German beer style LAGER
Give temporarily LEND
Goes well together GELS
Great Lake by Pennsylvania ERIE
Group of southwestern Indigenous tribes APACHE
Had a debt OWED
Hawaiian celebration with floral necklaces LEIDAY
Historic periods ERAS
Horoscope component STARSIGN
Intense anger RAGE
Journalist who wrote a biography on her Nobel-winning mother, Marie EVECURIE
Lima’s country PERU
Marching insect ANT
No ifs, ands or ___ BUTS
Not cool UNHIP
Old-timey auto body style TOWNCAR
Orange and black birds ORIOLES
Phone protector CASE
Places for contact lenses EYES
Plucked instrument HARP
Porcelain plaything CHINADOLL
Rabbit’s relative HARE
Revered people IDOLS
Rhyming partner of ‘greet’ MEET
RN’s coworkers, for short DRS
Rotini shape SPIRAL
See 62-Across THEM
Small canyons RAVINES
Spherical Malaysian dish based on a Hainanese dish CHICKENRICEBALL
Spicy condiment at an izakaya WASABI
Spouse’s parent INLAW
Storage option for Apple users ICLOUD
Tamal wrapper HUSK
Things to scratch ITCHES
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Tranquility PEACE
Trig ratio SINE
Volleyball passes before spikes SETS
Windy City basketball player CHICAGOBULL
With 20-Down, gender-neutral pronoun pair THEY
___ at (targeted) AIMED
___ pig (animal that is neither a pig nor from Africa) GUINEA
___ Vegas LAS


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