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USA Today – Jun 24 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Must we always rehash this?!’ THEREYOUGOAGAIN
‘Sister Outsider’ author Lorde AUDRE
‘That’s nonsense!’ PFFT
‘This is ___ a drill’ NOT
‘u WHAT?!’ OMG
22-Down lines STS
Ancient Incan site in the Andes MACHUPICCHU
Animated martial arts movie featuring Jackie Chan as Monkey KUNGFUPANDA
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
Barbecue remnants ASHES
Bombard with dodgeballs PELT
Brought home from the shelter ADOPTED
Butter that often accompanies baati GHEE
Certify to perform a marriage ORDAIN
Charged atoms IONS
Chow down EAT
Colombo, ___ Lanka SRI
Commercials ADS
Condition that may involve checking OCD
Cooling units (Abbr.) ACS
Decide OPT
Deep, steep, ginormous valley CANYON
Drama class assignment SCENE
Exposure therapy target PHOBIA
Feng ___ SHUI
Fine sediment SILT
For all to hear ALOUD
French word of consent OUI
Fruity, icy dessert SORBET
General idea GIST
Genre that might feature a human/alien romance SCIFI
Gunk between tiles GROUT
Haunted Mansion resident GHOST
Home to the NHL’s Blues STL
Hypotheticals IFS
Ingredient in some purple ice cream UBE
Inquire ASK
Journalist Wells-Barnett IDA
K-12 school org PTA
Kerfuffle ADO
Knee part ACL
Like ‘The Great Longneck Migration,’ among ‘The Land Before Time’ movies TENTH
Lobster’s claw PINCER
Mined rock ORE
MLB bigwigs GMS
Monument on the back of a penny LINCOLNMEMORIAL
Navigation tech GPS
Office note MEMO
Org. for lawyers ABA
Parts of e-bikes but not bikes MOTORS
People you might swoon over CRUSHES
Person with their head in the clouds DREAMER
Petting zoo animal that bleats GOAT
Picnic pest ANT
Pigpen STY
Prefix similar to anti- CONTRA
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Regarding ASTO
Requirement NEED
Russian refusal NYET
Send on a different path REROUTE
Six-pt. scores TDS
Snakelike fish EEL
Swarms TEEMS
Tax form ID SSN
Threatening words ORELSE
Treatment that often includes estrogen (Abbr.) HRT
Try to win a pile of cards, in Egyptian Rat Screw SLAP
Went really fast SPED
Wobbly SHAKY
Words accompanying a polite request IFYOUPLEASE
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ chi TAI
___ kwon do TAE
___ off (prune) LOP
___ the line TOED


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