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USA Today – Jun 25 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘I swear I won’t tell’ contract, for short NDA
‘Inside Out’ director Pete DOCTER
‘Lady and the ___’ TRAMP
‘Say kimchi!’ device CAMERA
‘See you again shortly’ BACKINABIT
‘This is the ___’ (Mandalorian motto) WAY
‘Trollz’ rapper Minaj NICKI
‘Turning Red’ protagonist MEI
‘ur hilarious!’ LOL
‘We need to face facts’ LETSADMITIT
‘___ Miserables’ LES
All done OVER
Analyst’s numbers DATA
Back in style RETRO
Basset ___ HOUND
Belly dancers move them HIPS
Berry rich in micronutrients ACAI
Bowling targets PINS
Broadband option DSL
Buffing, polishing, filing and such NAILCARE
California region with over 400 wineries NAPAVALLEY
Campus residences DORMS
Co. like AOL or AT&T ISP
Coconut cream container CAN
Country west of Argentina CHILE
Cricket ground shape OVAL
Deltoid, e.g MUSCLE
Detection device SENSOR
DVR brand TIVO
Features that may be triangular on a jack-o’-lantern EYES
Feeling of wonder AWE
First person, in the Bible ADAM
Food court smell AROMA
Forearm bones ULNAS
Get 100% on ACE
Go bad, like a jack-o’-lantern two days after carving, seemingly ROT
Handed-down tales LORE
Highest point ACME
Hoisting machine CRANE
I’s, in fraternity names IOTAS
Insulted DISSED
Intelligence org. head within the DoD NSADIRECTOR
It begins in March (Abbr.) DST
Kimono fabric SILK
Lollipop part STICK
Look after TEND
Loosens, like shoelaces UNTIES
Lose traction SKID
Message with a ‘reply all’ option EMAIL
Modern darling BAE
Nada NIL
Noteworthy period ERA
Overjoy ELATE
Performance set to a Celia Cruz song, perhaps SALSADANCE
Piece of cricket equipment BAT
Really felt a Wing Chun class ACHED
Reason for a lettuce recall ECOLI
Remove the lid of OPEN
Role played to provoke a debate DEVILSADVOCATE
Round flatbread ROTI
Royal residences PALACES
Shade tree ELM
Sing with your mouth closed HUM
Small critique NIT
So far ASYET
State with the world’s largest truck stop IOWA
Stench ODOR
Strait-___ LACED
Surname that’s an anagram of ‘loin’ OLIN
Teapot part SPOUT
Venetian blind part SLAT
Whiteheads, blackheads, etc ACNE
Yum ___ (meal with tea and dim sum) CHA
___ a claim STAKE
___ dial phone ROTARY
___-bitty ITTY


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