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USA Today – Jun 26 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Beware the ___ of March’ IDES
‘Great minds think ___!’ ALIKE
‘I’m ready for another customer!’ NEXT
‘Marvelous!’ SWELL
‘Roger that’ COPY
‘Slippery’ tree ELM
‘So it follows that . . .’ ERGO
‘That is correct!’ YES
‘Those are deceitful words!’ LIES
‘Up’ studio PIXAR
‘White-tailed’ animal DEER
‘Wild’ actress Witherspoon REESE
‘___ Got the Whole World in His Hands’ HES
‘___ Miserables’ LES
A powerful Jedi, he is YODA
Altoids container TIN
Among Us saboteur IMPOSTOR
Animal that howls at the moon WOLF
Aromatherapy spot SPA
Bank offerings LOANS
Blend MIX
Brazilian city, for short RIO
British nobility title BARON
Called ‘Out,’ say UMPED
Chocolaty winter drink COCOA
Coffeehouse that might specialize in macchiatos ESPRESSOBAR
Crunched muscles ABS
Does the dishes, puts away leftovers, etc CLEANSUP
End-of-semester hurdle EXAM
Friend, in French AMIE
Fruit of the ___ (company that in fact does not have a cornucopia in its logo) LOOM
Furry ‘Star Wars’ creatures EWOKS
Gentle touches PATS
Golfer’s vehicle CART
Grizzly bear’s sound ROAR
Habitat for anglerfish SEA
Hi-___ image RES
Highly skilled ADEPT
Himalayan cryptid YETI
Huey and Dewey’s cartoon brother LOUIE
Ice cream drink MALT
Info on a cafe receipt that lets you access their internet WIFIPASSWORD
Interior designer’s suggestion COLORSCHEME
Jack of ___ trades ALL
Kiss and cuddle CANOODLE
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Legal advocacy org ACLU
Lemon meringue dessert PIE
Light source LAMP
Like some tea ICED
Like the number 19 PRIME
Luxurious ride LIMO
Makes, like a salary EARNS
Messy person SLOB
Mining target ORE
Newspaper extra INSERT
NFL official REF
OB-GYNs, e.g DRS
Part of a shirt SLEEVE
Point the finger at BLAME
Purse, e.g BAG
Question asked while wandering through a garage WHEREDIDIPARK
R&B singer Benson OBIE
Really worry FRET
Secretly loops in on an email BCCS
Self-satisfied SMUG
Shiny finish GLOSS
Sizable LARGE
Smells really bad REEKS
Smidgen TAD
Snow day vehicle SLED
Stir-fried chicken-and-veggies dish MOOGOOGAIPAN
The ‘E’ of ENT EAR
Twizzlers competitor REDVINES
Word before ‘time’ or ‘change’ SPARE
Your and my OUR
___-fi SCI


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