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USA Today – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Golly!’ GEE
‘Queen of Salsa’ Cruz CELIA
‘___ Miserables’ LES
A long time ___ AGO
A ___ for sore eyes SIGHT
Achievement-oriented personality TYPEA
Alphabetizes, say SORTS
Appear to be SEEM
Asks for a dog treat BEGS
Attempt to get GOFOR
Automated Twitter account BOT
Baseball officials UMPS
Birthday celebration PARTY
Border ABUT
Bruschetta ingredient TOMATO
Campfire remnants ASHES
Change with the times ADAPT
Clearance event SALE
Competitive video gaming ESPORTS
Concept in Chinese philosophy TAO
Didn’t prepare for LEFTTOCHANCE
Engaged in combat ATWAR
Exams for H.S. students SATS
Exhibited brilliance SHONE
Fib teller LIAR
Fishing rod POLE
Fitness coach TRAINER
Forgetful actor’s request LINE
Fundamental tenet of democracy RIGHTTOVOTE
Gathers gradually GLEANS
Heartfelt appeal PLEA
Hi-___ graphics RES
Informed of the latest news UPTOSPEED
Interior designer’s concern DECOR
Long-legged wading bird IBIS
Lowly worker PEON
Manicure target NAIL
October birthstones OPALS
Part of a play ACT
Passionate ARDENT
Pilotless aircraft DRONE
Practical and unpretentious DOWNTOEARTH
Quite a few MANY
Reverberate ECHO
Rhythm of speech LILT
Salty morsel on a bagel with lox CAPER
Same-___ delivery DAY
Satisfying conclusion PAYOFF
Schedule placeholder (Abbr.) TBD
Scruff or Bumble, e.g APP
Shape that geese fly in VEE
Sketch show that featured Bowen Yang as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic SNL
Small battery size AAA
Small size at Starbucks TALL
Software test version BETA
Some children have two MOTHERS
Some mobility aids CANES
Some noblemen EARLS
Soothing gel ALOE
Start doing business again REOPEN
Streetcar TRAM
Super energetic HYPER
Swallow noisily GULP
Tardy student’s slip LATEPASS
Tennis court divider NET
The ‘L’ in XXL LARGE
Toy bought and sold on BrickLink LEGO
Triage areas (Abbr.) ERS
Vocal cords’ location THROAT
Volcano in the backdrop of season two of ‘The White Lotus’ ETNA
Wasabi ___ (spicy, crunchy morsel) PEA
What a Beyond burger lacks MEAT
Word before ‘pressure’ or ‘review’ PEER
___ at your own risk ENTER
___ poetry SLAM
___ stick (toy for bouncing) POGO
___ Y (millennials) GEN


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