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USA Today – Jun 28 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
$1,000,000, for short MIL
‘Absolutely!’ YES
‘Crazy Rich ___’ ASIANS
‘I’m a ___, best believe her, you see how she gettin’ paid?’ (Beyonce lyric) DIVA
‘Quicker than quick!’ ASAP
‘Ratatouille’ animal, fittingly RAT
‘Ratatouille’ protagonist REMY
‘Ratatouille’ studio PIXAR
‘That right?’ ISIT
‘Uh, I’ll pass’ NAH
‘ur right ur right’ TRU
Added costs FEES
Adolescent TEEN
Animals that make up Medusa’s hair SNAKES
Animals that pull plows OXEN
Backbone of a ship KEEL
Bottle top LID
Card game with patterned shapes SET
Chicago airport inits ORD
Crouching down STOOPING
Cunning SLY
Dealership purchase CAR
Deep, dark hole ABYSS
Demolish, in gamer slang PWN
Dinuguan or gumbo, for example STEW
E-signed file format PDF
Egg hunt holiday EASTER
Fitting APT
Flood protection LEVEE
Greasy spoon DINER
Inbee Park’s org LPGA
Invite through the door ASKIN
Knock one out of the park HITAHOMERUN
Leavening agent in bread YEAST
Like a clock with hands ANALOG
Like a domesticated animal TAME
Lil ___ X NAS
Nocturnal birds of prey OWLS
Pair DUO
Person from Ankara TURK
Phoenix’s NBA team SUNS
Photoshop company ADOBE
Pig pen STY
Pinnacle ACME
Propeller beanies, e.g HATS
Pure brilliance UTTERGENIUS
Quick, reenergizing sleep POWERNAP
Really long time EON
Rear end BUTT
Recorded using a stopwatch TIMED
Regarding ASTO
Rideshare stat ETA
Rise to the challenge STEPUP
Runs out of battery DIES
See 23-Across BADU
Shapes of storylines ARCS
Shopping extravaganza SPREE
Short bit of promotional writing BLURB
Sideways-walking crustacean CRAB
Soccer player’s shoe CLEAT
Stale-smelling MUSTY
Stereotypical small town PODUNK
Stir-fry dish with sliced beef PEPPERSTEAK
Stopped standing SAT
Take a plane FLY
The Beaver State OREGON
Thick-cut potato side STEAKFRIES
Tire pattern TREAD
U.S. island territory where Chamorro is spoken GUAM
Unreturned volleyball serve ACE
Use a napkin on WIPE
Website with step-by-step instructions EHOW
Windshield sticker DECAL
With 47-Across, ‘New Amerykah Part One’ musician ERYKAH
Yellow veggie often pickled as a pizza topping BANANAPEPPER
___ up (spoke) PIPED
___-tiny TEENY


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