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USA Today – Nov 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘A League of Their Own’ team ROCKFORDPEACHES
‘Couldn’t agree more!’ AMENTOTHAT
‘Feliz ___ novo!’ ANO
‘Gross’ ICK
‘I couldn’t care ___’ LESS
‘Insecure’ star Issa RAE
‘Shucks!’ DARN
‘Staaahhp’ OHYOU
‘Sure’ OKAY
‘u get me?’ AMIRITE
‘Were you expecting someone ___?’ ELSE
43,560 square feet ACRE
Animals related to weasels MINKS
As much as UPTO
Bakery purchase LOAF
Baseball figures wearing masks UMPS
Bath bubbles SUDS
Bird’s bill BEAK
Brazilian ballroom dance SAMBA
Canoe sealant TAR
Capital with the Norsk Folkemuseum OSLO
Castle barriers under drawbridges MOATS
Chew out TELLOFF
City home to the CDC (Abbr.) ATL
City that hosts the New York State Fair SYRACUSE
Cosmetics company with brand ambassador Quinta Brunson OLAY
Fast food pickup convenience DRIVETHRUWINDOW
Food in a shell TACO
Havana’s home CUBA
High-fat diet KETO
Huge amount TON
Hummingbird’s home NEST
Like many trees in winter BARE
Mama ___ Elliot CASS
Mani-___ PEDI
Medication amount DOSE
Most-liked, informally FAV
Movie cliche TROPE
Nonfat milk option SKIM
Not near FAR
Obamacare law initials ACA
Off-road 4×4 ATV
Once around the track LAP
Opposite of pro- ANTI
Oval Office override VETO
Part of a skeleton BONE
Part of a three-piece suit VEST
Perform Maimonides’ steps of repentance ATONE
Pick on TEASE
Ping-Pong technique SPIN
Positive votes AYES
Prioritization of personal and professional responsibilities WORKLIFEBALANCE
Quarterback ___ (tricky football play) SNEAK
Rangers goalie Shesterkin IGOR
Requested ASKED
Shoelace tangle KNOT
Some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ sets, for short ORS
Some noblemen EARLS
Something extra ADDON
Spanish for ‘house’ CASA
Standoffish ALOOF
Study guides for a language test VOCABLISTS
Tear apart REND
The real deal LEGIT
The Wicked Witch of the ___ WEST
They might accrue at a bar or in a browser OPENTABS
Utah’s capital, for short SLC
Utilizes USES
Vegetable in Creole cuisine OKRA
Very often ALOT
Whispery YouTube genre ASMR
Word after ‘outer’ or ‘personal’ SPACE
Word repeated to mean ‘et cetera’ YADDA
___ Leo and the Pharmacists (punk band) TED
___ out (unsubscribes) OPTS

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