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USA Today – Sep 24 2023 Crossword Solutions

USA Today – Sep 24 2023

Clues Answers
‘A little old place where we can get together,’ per the B-52 LOVESHACK
‘haha!’ LOL
‘Help us pls!’ SOS
‘I am because we are’ philosophy UBUNTU
‘Let me repeat’ ISAID
‘That ball is ___ here!’ OUTTA
‘Yellowjackets’ actress Christina RICCI
‘You’ll have to take someone else’ ICANTGO
‘___ is never finished, only abandoned’ ART
Aspen, alder or ash TREE
Brick used in Pueblo architecture ADOBE
Calligrapher’s options INKS
Canadian province that borders the Great Lakes ONTARIO
Carrier to Juneau and Sitka ALASKAAIRLINES
Choco ___ (rhyming dessert) TACO
Civil rights activist Spencer ANNE
Colorful talking birds PARROTS
Comic ___ (typeface) SANS
Convent residents NUNS
Corn core COB
Crunchy yogurt add-in GRANOLA
Details, for short INFO
Farm animals with manes HORSES
Field trip vehicle BUS
Fix illegally RIG
Game where you might trade wool for ore CATAN
Gift-giver’s encouragement OPENIT
Grains used to make 42-Down OATS
Groups listed in Playbills CASTS
Insects that live in hills ANTS
It might make hair stand on end STATIC
Lint-collecting belly button INNIE
Literary genre for Stephen Graham Jones HORROR
Loser in an election ALSORAN
Lugged around TOTED
Make a small cut SNIP
Clues Answers
Many ‘In the Heights’ characters LATINAS
Metalworkers SMITHS
Move like a butterfly FLIT
Munch NOSH
Narrow cut SLIT
Not a single one NONE
Once more AGAIN
Opposite of ‘bien’ in Spanish MAL
Orangutan, e.g APE
Physique, for short BOD
Place to get pampered SPA
Position on an issue STANCE
Regional form of a language DIALECT
Remorseful feeling GUILT
Section of a movie SCENE
Shoe parts below the laces TONGUES
Sounds from sties OINKS
Spiritual emanation AURA
Sports jerseys, for short UNIS
Starts anew RESETS
Stinging insect HORNET
Summer suit fabric LINEN
Surprised shriek EEK
T-shirt style VNECK
Taro root paste POI
Tax return org IRS
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
The Torah, for example SCROLL
Type of eye surgery LASIK
Volleyball tournament venue ARENA
Wise person SAGE
Wooden strip SLAT
Word said with a shrug DUNNO
___ royale (French cocktail) KIR
___ update (progress check) STATUS


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