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Wall Street Journal Crossword Nov 23 2022 Answers

Wall Street Journal Crossword November 23 2022 Answers

Tuna sandwich 4 letters MELT
Whippersnapper 5 letters WHELP
Iditarod entrant’s need 4 letters SLED
Series opener pitchers often 4 letters ACES
John Denver album including The Eagle and the Hawk 5 letters AERIE
Carry 4 letters TOTE
Iconic Cold War novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer 15 letters
Like some owls toads and vipers 6 letters HORNED
Objective of an Alcoholics Anonymous prayer 8 letters SERENITY
Dug into the Thanksgiving spread 3 letters ATE
Routine bit 3 letters GAG
Ex claims 15 letters
Had office hours 5 letters WASIN
Pull down 4 letters EARN
Bankrupt 4 letters RUIN
Letters on Hartsfield-Jackson-bound luggage tags 3 letters ATL
The Sun the Moon or the World e.g. 5 letters TAROT
Result of a sac fly 3 letters RBI
Lively Highlands dance 4 letters REEL
Approximating words 4 letters ORSO
Balance sheet item 5 letters ASSET
They’re used with whiteboards 15 letters
Colt e.g. 3 letters GUN
___ know you? 3 letters DOI
Prepare to ride again 8 letters RESADDLE
Couple on the Titanic 6 letters ASTORS
Builders and would-be drivers do it 15 letters
Banana waste 4 letters PEEL
Bonnie with a Lifetime Achievement Grammy 5 letters RAITT
Member of an Andean empire 4 letters INCA
Hot 4 letters SEXY
Clash by Night playwright 5 letters ODETS
Fishing spot 4 letters PIER
One problem after another? 4 letters MATH
Bounced sound 4 letters ECHO
Prurient look 4 letters LEER
Seaquake byproduct 7 letters TSUNAMI
1854 book subtitled Life in the Woods 6 letters WALDEN
Watch it! 3 letters HEY
Important times 4 letters ERAS
Sherbet choice 4 letters LIME
Ibsen play in verse 8 letters PEERGYNT
Cocktail made with cognac and crème de menthe 7 letters STINGER
Particular places 4 letters LOCI
Dakota du Nord par exemple 4 letters ETAT
Turn down 4 letters DENY
Board 5 letters GETON
Paper purchase 4 letters REAM
Ribbon at the fair say 5 letters AWARD
Breezy farewell 5 letters LATER
R&B’s ___ Brothers 5 letters ISLEY
Sentence units 5 letters YEARS
Analyze sentence units 5 letters PARSE
E.M. Forster’s ___ With a View 5 letters AROOM
Sip slowly 5 letters NURSE
Rome splitter 5 letters TIBER
Hissy fits 5 letters SNITS
How a pendulum swings 8 letters TOANDFRO
By the book 7 letters LEGALLY
Cropped up 5 letters AROSE
Vail visit e.g. 7 letters SKITRIP
Timberwolves center Gobert 4 letters RUDY
Modifies 6 letters ADAPTS
Emulates Eminem 4 letters RAPS
Foil’s kin 4 letters EPEE
X-Ray ___ (novelty catalog offering) 4 letters SPEX
Laundry unit 4 letters LOAD
Lake that feeds Niagara Falls 4 letters ERIE
Upscale hotel chain 4 letters OMNI
Jambalaya base 4 letters RICE
Feature of an Astros cap 4 letters STAR
One with a J.D. 3 letters ATT

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