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Wall Street Journal – Nov 15 2022 – “Support Groups” Crossword Answers

Wall Street Journal – Nov 15 2022 – Support Groups

Clues Answers
“I’m not interested” PASS
“Quit denying it!” OPENYOUREYES
“___ been real” ITS
1960s atty. general RFK
A/C meas BTU
Acts badly EMOTES
Atkins nicknamed “Mr. Guitar” CHET
Bay Area airport code SFO
Baylor’s environs WACO
Beauty spot? DAYSPA
Bed-Ins for Peace participant ONO
Belgrade native SERB
Bicolor apex predator ORCA
Blow away STUN
Bountiful setting UTAH
Brig’s pair MASTS
Cal. abbr THU
Carrier initials USS
Chicago’s WNBA team SKY
Clint Eastwood film with four sequels DIRTYHARRY
Closest star SOL
Come to fruition PANOUT
Convened MET
Convent address SISTER
Course cry FORE
Cox of “Succession” BRIAN
Do some spring yard work PRUNE
Does some fall yard work RAKES
Double-helix material DNA
Driver with two Oscar nominations ADAM
Fury IRE
Gambling city near Lake Tahoe RENO
Goal END
Good Grips housewares brand OXO
Grp. with co-pays HMO
Hammer and anvil, for two BONES
Hardship TRIAL
Helps control the pet population SPAYS
Clues Answers
High on caffeine WIRED
Jack who’s a picky eater SPRAT
Kitchen protection APRON
Knitter’s stash YARN
Latinx singer Apollo OMAR
Lieutenant on the Enterprise UHURA
Little devil IMP
Lobe locales EARS
Lowest possible level, and a musical feature of four answers ROCKBOTTOM
Makes inquiries ASKS
Nation with a supreme leader IRAN
Not barefoot SHOD
One of eight vegetables in V8 BEET
Pale wood ASH
Pioneering ISP AOL
Place PUT
Play setting, of a sort ARENA
Pork-filled dumpling POTSTICKER
Porpoise’s place SEA
Prioritizes RANKS
Radio knob TUNER
Rapper Sweatshirt EARL
Rapping Dr DRE
Ripken in Cooperstown CAL
Rotating car part AXLE
Skating site RINK
Sleazy newspaper RAG
Somber bios OBITS
Splits GOES
Suggesting snow, perhaps GRAY
Summer Games org IOC
Sweet game franchise CANDYCRUSH
Tastelessly showy GAUDY
Teddy’s neighbor on Mount Rushmore ABE
The four seasons, for one CYCLE
Throws in ADDS
Trade words ARGUE
Water, in Juárez AGUA


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