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Wall Street Journal – Nov 17 2022 – “Hole in One” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Blue wave” winners, for short DEMS
“Bob’s Burgers” daughter TINA
“Caught you!” OHO
“The Addams Family” cousin ITT
“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” wife MARTHA
“___ idiot!” IMAN
Amigo PAL
Armstrong Flight Research Center operator NASA
Assumes battle stations STANDSTO
Author of a bestselling 2008 autobiography, and a hint to some pictographs in this puzzle TORISPELLING
Barely adequate SCANT
Bill for paying bills? TAXACT
BMW-produced auto MINI
Bunker fill SAND
Bureau of Prohibition successor org ATF
Candy named for its shape DOTS
Cast a wide net TRAWL
Censor of note CATO
Chisholm Trail Coliseum site ENID
Cimarron or Seville CADILLAC
Clinton blew it SAX
Copy APE
County east of Sonoma NAPA
Cray-cray LOCO
Cry at un estadio OLE
Cut down SLAIN
Dollar competitor ALAMO
Epitomizing wiliness ASSLYASAFOX
Event with skewering, appropriately ROAST
Fiction collection LIES
Flaunt one’s dominance FLEX
Flying pest GNAT
Fruit from Amazonia ACAI
Gibbs with eight NAACP Image Awards MARLA
Grazing area LEA
Harlem Renaissance leader Locke ALAIN
Having a shot at winning INIT
Industrial cutter LASER
It has a chance of sprinkles in the morning CHOCOLATEO
It may be engraved with two sets of initials and a date GOLDWEDDINGO
Luyendyk in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America ARIE
Make like a rat INFORM
Mechanical mouse, e.g CATTOY
Name that’s an Italian number OTTO
Not broken INTACT
Not grounded ATSEA
One may be changed on a shoulder FLATO
PC part CPU
Pixar movie set in Radiator Springs CARS
Player’s pawns, e.g OCTET
Porter alternatives IPAS
Position JOB
Preschooler’s creation, perhaps MACARONIART
Pupil’s cover LID
Purified liquid FILTRATE
Really want to crash NEEDANAP
River past Cairo OHIO
River past Cairo NILE
Roof window DORMER
Seasonal door decoration CHRISTMASO
Series-shortening abbr ETC
Shade TONE
Site of a 1945 meeting of Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt YALTA
Smelting waste SLAG
Startle JOLT
Stirs up ROUSES
Usual choice, informally GOTO
Vivacious quality ESPRIT
What to tap for an app ICON
Whodunit find BODY
Winds up or winds down ENDS

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