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The Guardian Quick Crossword December 1 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword December 1 2022 Answers:

Fill 6 letters OCCUPY
Excavate 5 letters DIGUP
Coiled 6 letters SPIRAL
Marque of sports and luxury cars manufacturer in the UK since 1948 6 letters JAGUAR
New Zealand All Blacks’ war dance 4 letters HAKA
Swallowed 8 letters INGESTED
Malicious behaviour 11 letters SHENANIGANS
Fizz (informal) 8 letters CHAMPERS
Old small silver Spanish coin 4 letters REAL
Scamp 6 letters RASCAL
Not a soul 6 letters NOBODY
Temporary knot 5 letters HITCH
(Self-)important personage 6 letters WORTHY
Parentless children 7 letters ORPHANS
Mass murder 7 letters CARNAGE
Quiver 9 letters PALPITATE
Kind of duck 5 letters DRAKE
Greedy guts 7 letters GLUTTON
Public promenade 6 letters PARADE
Rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale 9 letters GLISSANDO
Sound equipment fitted over the ears 7 letters HEADSET
Flipping performer? 7 letters ACROBAT
Emergency backup 7 letters STANDBY
Heat discolouration 6 letters SCORCH
Take illegally 5 letters POACH


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