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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,144 – Nov 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A disfigurement hidden by the old lady’s cosmetic MASCARA
Agreement to include wayward son in survey CONSENSUS
American four, returning, reportedly steered clear of bridge VIADUCT
Anger shown during term at sea in galley TRIREME
Arrive after published result OUTCOME
Caretaker of a joint in resort overlooking river JANITOR
Colour of line round centre of Earth OCHRE
Dull, sitcom involving the French head of state CHEERLESS
Film: ‘Spellbound’? ENCHANTED
Frenchman and wife make a fresh start RENEW
Godparent playing spoons right at the back SPONSOR
Hence broadcast about a new lift ENHANCE
Large old vessel, a muted green LOVAT
Learn a new skill on set RETRAIN
Lodger, perhaps unattached, meets mother with child FREEMASON
Naval man? Fit type force employed PETTYOFFICER
Personally involved with worker — occasionally swoon! HANDSON
Protest by class, a convincing demonstration OBJECTLESSON
Railway in splendid cowboy film GREATWESTERN
Rings circling the lines in play OTHELLO
Runs inside to take care of dogs, leaders of the pack? TRENDSETTERS
Satellite town initially associated with the Spanish celebrity TELSTAR
Smell nothing grim ODOUR
Spot occupied by male, adult showing endurance STAMINA
Warship seen from coast, heading for Rosyth CRUISER
What map line may show, a route winding across Quebec EQUATOR
Wiped out text, start to finish, describing elected Conservative EXTINCT
Work with Universal, fast becoming rich OPULENT


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