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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,314 – May 31 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
A bison destroyed miniature plant BONSAI
Activity for Sir Andy, taking time off in county town ENNIS
American with senior antagonist of America once USSR
Awful pies call for a flavour enhancer ALLSPICE
Britpop band’s disc unchanged OASIS
Chat about Wagner’s work in parties GATHERINGS
Cross during troubled sleep, kicks out EXPELS
Darkness penetrated by lone, broken lamp NEONLIGHT
Deputy leader’s immorality here probed by papers VICEPRESIDENT
Ducks in rising south-eastern headlands ESCAPES
E.g. Sunak travels around, showing signs of relief CONTOURS
English soldiers put up with a procedure for evacuation ENEMA
Excess of drugs found in Lincoln residence ABODE
Face of self-satisfied idiot, or how it may be described SMUG
Foreman perhaps has great way to protect his eyes SUPERVISOR
Good soldier eaten by some wild cats Moggies
Hidden flaw in some poetry from Muhammad Ali? FEETOFCLAY
High-pitched instrument still cool, oddly PICCOLO
Keen on Newcastle’s wingers, daughter chanted INTONED
Leading celebs welcoming compiler on a higher level UPSTAIRS
Material in newspaper, including article from Spain FELT
Might this reveal Hazel or Laurel’s age? TREERING
Model catching best musical returning after being in theatre POSTOPERATIVE
Place Othello customarily defends LOCUS
Running out of things to say in kitchen chore DRYINGUP
Thwart urge for ‘a substantial meal’? SCOTCHEGG
Trick man put in the corner ROOK
Up before court ERECT
Without help from others, arresting top gangster ALCAPONE
You might climb on this stage with tear in legwear STEPLADDER


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