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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,961 – Nov 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A good hour sat around, horrified AGHAST
Acquire gold carriage LANDAU
Alfred reporting live court action? TENNYSON
Blase about leaving Beaujolais nouveau, which could raise the spirits OUIJA
Blooming ‘eck … ‘orrible ‘olding lizard! GECKO
Body temperature (roughly) TORSO
Country squire visiting harbour miles away ARGENTINA
Daughter, upper-class, introduced to New Orleans gent who fills in at work DENTALSURGEON
Digger’s employer’s mild brews left outside GOLDMINE
Feeding Reagan a cheesy, creamy mixture from France GANACHE
Greek character’s poetic appeal before president leaves America for Italy OMICRON
Hector is shivering in the grip of cold turkey, drained, irritable CROTCHETY
High-ranking Venetian attending party beginning to get vicious DOGEATDOG
Item released from cloud storage that might make a bit of a splash RAINDROP
Kate’s sweet William planted in west-facing ornamental lawn rockery? CORNWALL
King feeling sick, stabbed at the front fencing RAILINGS
Maybe Victoria welcomes flag waving in tough economic circumstances STAGFLATION
Might one make hay holding some playing cards? FARMHAND
Ms Batty, being retired, put away soft pinny APRON
One running for office against Frank rejected information JFK provided CANDIDATE
Police search of garden wasted time DRAGNET
Priest upset with revolting magazine material supplied by 9 AMALGAM
Regularly drench our home furnishings DECOR
Reprimand Rover (dog)? CARPET
Savvy way passenger vehicles reversed STREETSMART
Soldier: ‘clean bottled my piano exam’ LANCECORPORAL
Turn back the clock and relax REMIT
Valet unveiled shiner LACKEY

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