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Crossword Champ Daily November 10 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 10 2022 Answers:

Muchacho’s home CASA
Comfort AID
Singer Amos TORI
Foam ingredient URETHANE
Nuke in 1979 news TMI
Extension for Windows driver files SYS
Military service ARMY
Opposite of six on a die ONE
Mate’s assent AYSIR
Music’s one of them ARTS
Accounting period YEAR
Send item (anag) SEDIMENT
Chorus-line opener TRA
Album-oriented rock genre AOR
Lurched REELED
Kicks downstairs DEMOTES
Perfumes SCENTS
Rub out ERASE
Modicum TAD
Called the shots LED
Spanish explorer Hernando DESOTO
Raised and set in an upright or vertical position ERECT
Hindu honorific SRI
Mrs Marcos of Manila IMELDA
Not now LATER
Alcoholic morning drink MIMOSA
Take it as ___ not at all ISOR
Waterers (abbr) SPRS
Cons’ counters PROS
Lacoste of fashion fame RENE
Sp ladies SRAS
Times to call in ads EVES
Poet Merriam EVE
Burgundy in Burgundy VIN
One with an unsteady gait TOTTERER
Half a fly? TSE
Notorious ARRANT
Give away a movie ending SPOIL
___ the One That I Want (Grease song) YOURE
Doce halved SEIS
Knocking noise RATTAT
Followed footprints TRACED
Boxing card starter briefly PRELIM
Dom Of Otto HRE
Military training org for short ROTC
Archaic once ERST
Ristorante beverage VINO
You’re welcome can follow it abbr TKS
Like some losers SORE
Bend the ___ (submit) KNEE
Stamp SEAL
His to Henri SES
Conservative British politician TORY
Drying-out woe for short DTS
Abridges CUTS
They practice girth control DIETERS
Hot times in Nantes ETES
Put ___ Happy Face ONA
___’acte (break in show business) ENTR


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