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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

Left-wing eloquence in scientist’s workplace? 10 letters LABORATORY
Discs that may be broken? 7 letters RECORDS
Mutant tulip bulbs did this? 5 letters LITUP
An eyesore – seen in nasty environment 4 letters STYE
Accommodation in certain parts 8 letters QUARTERS
Metal policeman 6 letters COPPER
Still convering attics 6 letters STATIC
End of new tramline? 8 letters TERMINAL
European capital held by brigadier 4 letters RIGA
Mouth forming Greek letter 5 letters DELTA
Part of a Chinese meal perhaps one sold out 7 letters NOODLES
Yes tourism may be puzzling 10 letters MYSTERIOUS
Fortunate Frenchman goes to Kentucky 5 letters LUCKY
Pubs that stop people escaping? 4 letters BARS
Free – and terribly secure! 6 letters RESCUE
Bear gets broken toe later 8 letters TOLERATE
Withdraw from a place of privacy 7 letters RETREAT
Top seducer may be taken to court 10 letters PROSECUTED
Mail is in each new carriage 10 letters POSTCHAISE
Unsure about The Saint 8 letters HESITANT
Talk about small herb 7 letters PARSLEY
A composer we rang about 6 letters WAGNER
Does nothing but slide about 5 letters IDLES
Commanding officer has little time to view Italian lake 4 letters COMO


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