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Daily American Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

More shrewd 5 letters CUTER
Twain protagonist 4 letters FINN
South Yemen port 4 letters ADEN
Nigeria’s capital 5 letters ABUJA
Lotion ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Mother of Apollo 4 letters LETO
Renaissance instrument 5 letters REBEC
Talon 4 letters CLAW
Confused impression 4 letters BLUR
Course 5 letters TRACK
Hugo damsel 9 letters ESMERALDA
Try 4 letters TEST
Had an inkling 6 letters SENSED
Ebb 6 letters RECEDE
Page of music? 5 letters PATTI
Easily convinced 9 letters CREDULOUS
Common rhyme scheme 4 letters ABAB
Bar bill 3 letters TAB
Supports for columns 7 letters PLINTHS
The Name of the Rose author 3 letters ECO
Poker variety 4 letters STUD
Ornamental needlework 9 letters STITCHERY
Sleep disorder 5 letters APNEA
Secured a ship 6 letters MOORED
Scourge of God’ 6 letters ATTILA
Tidal movement 4 letters FLOW
1965 James A. Michener novel 9 letters THESOURCE
Strung out 5 letters TENSE
Mata __ 4 letters HARI
Liverpool lockup 4 letters GAOL
Ex-Mrs. Trump 5 letters IVANA
Treater’s words 4 letters ONME
Shot shooter 4 letters HYPO
Skin spot 5 letters NEVUS
Not so 4 letters LESS
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Diving bird 5 letters GREBE
Lug 4 letters CART
Deutschland __ Alles 4 letters UBER
Brass instrument 4 letters TUBA
Thrown out 7 letters EJECTED
Accumulated 8 letters RACKEDUP
Gem surface 5 letters FACET
Troubles 4 letters ILLS
Linguist Chomsky 4 letters NOAM
Just out 6 letters NEWEST
Balkan nation 7 letters ALBANIA
Secluded valleys 5 letters DELLS
Piano piece 5 letters ETUDE
Defense acronym 5 letters NORAD
Soak 3 letters RET
Peddle 4 letters SELL
Business records: Abbr. 4 letters RCTS
Quod __ demonstrandum 4 letters ERAT
Philippine island or its seaport 4 letters CEBU
__ Arenas 5 letters PUNTA
Sparkling wine 4 letters ASTI
Seine tributary 4 letters OISE
Brewery output 4 letters BEER
Wise addition? 4 letters ACRE
Hopalong Cassidy actor 4 letters BOYD
Web language 4 letters HTML
Darting 8 letters SCOOTING
Meadow flowers 7 letters DAISIES
Nevertheless 7 letters HOWEVER
Mideast grp. 3 letters PLO
Nothing 6 letters NAUGHT
South African playwright Fugard 5 letters ATHOL
Scottish feudal lord 5 letters THANE
Conditions 5 letters TERMS
Criminal 5 letters FELON
Oscar-winning Martha 4 letters RAYE
Manage 4 letters COPE
Pew area 4 letters NAVE
Cold-shoulder 4 letters SNUB
Naturalness 4 letters EASE


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