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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 22 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 22 2022 Answers:

Ploys to find precious stones behind layers of rock 10 letters STRATAGEMS
Well-liked university in part of London 7 letters POPULAR
Cooking Delia suffered 5 letters AILED
Bring up what may be brought up 4 letters REAR
Produce good food in Derbyshire 8 letters BAKEWELL
Notes we hear for singers 6 letters TENORS
Splendid bottle opener. Splendid! 6 letters SUPERB
Warning triangle possibly 8 letters ALERTING
Confused impression of Britpop band 4 letters BLUR
Select a number with no factors 5 letters PRIME
Is this worn on the head to displace the rain? 7 letters HAIRNET
Puzzles responsible for angry speech? 10 letters CROSSWORDS
Is pea changing colour? 5 letters SEPIA
Register for bread? 4 letters ROLL
Sailor gets brown Scottish style 6 letters TARTAN
Appreciative of a load of coal? 8 letters GRATEFUL
Set meal prepared for islanders 7 letters MALTESE
Ghostly light? 10 letters SPIRITLAMP
Wilful leaders of dangerous enterprise get set free 10 letters DELIBERATE
Pig’s feet for Del Boy and Rodney? 8 letters TROTTERS
North-east editor that is right is more poverty-stricken 7 letters NEEDIER
An Arab boat? Very much so! 6 letters ANDHOW
Los Angeles has three quarters with narrow streets 5 letters LANES
He fibs about a mode of transport 4 letters LIAR

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