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Family Time – Jun 25 2023 Crossword

“American ___” (TV show)IDOL
“In your dreams, silly” (2 words)ASIF
“My country, ‘___ of thee …”TIS
“My word!”EGAD
“Watch it, kid!”HEY
“You’re not smarter ___ my dad!”THAN
“___ anyone else eaten chili with Brussels sprouts?”HAS
“___ vs. ___” (MAD Magazine strip)SPY
72, at some golf coursesPAR
Any beast like ShrekOGRE
Be Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”ACT
Bit of butterPAT
Blooms given on Valentine’s DayROSES
Chess piecesMEN
Command on Microsoft WordREDO
Common road runnerCAR
Composer JosephHAYDN
Concealed from viewHID
Coop birdHEN
Creative brain thoughtIDEA
Deserve to receiveEARN
Do “sum” math?ADD
FedEx rivalUPS
Firebird makerPONTIAC
Football officialREF
Fuel for most motorcyclesGAS
Hand lotion ingredient, commonlyALOE
Inflated headsEGOS
Lady CheviotEWE
Land measurementACRE
Make some clothesSEW
Makes multiple mistakesERRS
Making without machineryHANDCRAFTING
Munich MrsFRAU
Nemo, to MarlinSON
Nervously uncomfortable and edgyANTSY
Not thinkers, but movers and shakersDOERS
Online revenue sourceADS
Parking place outside a buildingLOT
Pranksters’ resultsGOTCHAS
Prefix with “space”AERO
Regard or considerDEEM
Repeating sound that bounces backECHO
Right? NoLEFT
River depositSILT
Rockets are launched from themPADS
Samsung Galaxy downloadAPP
Saves from raging rapidsRESCUES
Thin wooden stripLATH
Tightening musclesTENSORS
To have as one’s propertyOWN
Try for fit, as jeans (2 words)PUTON
Type of proteinWHEY
Type of rallyPEP
Type of TV screenLCD
U-turn from lowHIGH
Ugly foodGLOP
Unstable situation (3 words)HOUSEOFCARDS
Walk back and forthPACE
Water you can skate onICE
Wks. or mos.? No, longerYRS
Word with “summer” or “boot”CAMP
___ Moines, IowaDES


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