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Family Time – Jun 26 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“If I don’t take this, I’ll take something ___” ELSE
180 from difficulty EASE
As wicked as wicked can be EVIL
Aware of ONTO
Bad thing to tempt FATE
Bolt fastener NUT
Car for a family SEDAN
Chili ___ carne CON
Common hairstyle for dudes in the ’50s (2 words) CREWCUT
Completed DONE
Desktop app opener ICON
Floor shiner MOP
Fortnite emote or a gesture DAB
Fury IRE
Gentle animal LAMB
Get older AGE
Give off or send forth EMIT
Go to the polls VOTE
Golfing standard on score cards PAR
Good place to write things (2 words) ONPAPER
Hammer’s end PEEN
Hearing object EAR
Herring’s relative SHAD
Historic Peron EVA
Hot tub site SPA
Huge store event (2 words) CLEARANCESALE
Insect buzzing about BEE
It fled with the spoon, in a nursery rhyme DISH
Jackhammer or saw TOOL
Japanese currency YEN
Large breakfast fruit (2 words) HONEYDEWMELON
Lawyer’s charge FEE
Like relaxing background music AMBIENT
Look SEE
Map for surveyors PLAT
Money you have to pay back LOAN
Morsel SCRAP
Music staff symbol CLEF
Negative conjunction NOR
One squat or curl REP
Operatic song ARIA
Part of a church NAVE
Performed guide duties LED
Place that slices salami DELI
Poem form for a hero ODE
Positively charged electrode ANODE
Pressing desire URGE
Ready to be daring ADVENTURESOME
Related to weddings NUPTIAL
Scottish girl LASS
Shade tree ELM
Shape a compass can make ARC
Space between your two front teeth GAP
Straddling over ATOP
Swing and a ___ MISS
Type of surgeon inspecting your mouth ORAL
Used one’s modified bike RODE
Variety, as of dogs BREED
Volcanic stuff LAVA
What the umpire’s thumb called you OUT
Word bounce? ECHO


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