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Metro Crossword November 23 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 23 2022 Answers:

Stick out 3 letters JUT
Use a pencil’s rubber end 5 letters ERASE
As well 4 letters ALSO
Tierney or Kelly 4 letters GENE
Prize for the Curies 5 letters NOBEL
Proof of ownership 4 letters DEED
Pull __ victory; win 4 letters OFFA
Increased greatly 10 letters MULTIPLIED
Man __ Thousand Faces; Cagney film 3 letters OFA
Makes reference to 5 letters CITES
Dangers 5 letters RISKS
Castle protections 5 letters MOATS
Tease 3 letters RIB
Rudely brief 6 letters SNIPPY
Skips one’s turn 6 letters PASSES
Fables 5 letters TALES
Say with assurance 5 letters CLAIM
Silent assent 3 letters NOD
Comparable 4 letters AKIN
__ out; relax 5 letters CHILL
Betelgeuse or Polaris 4 letters STAR
TV’s Arthur 3 letters BEA
Sun blocker 5 letters SHADE
Warm jacket 5 letters PARKA
Dresser compartment 6 letters DRAWER
Clergyman 6 letters PRIEST
ABC followers 3 letters DEF
Money slangily 5 letters MOOLA
Barber’s offering 5 letters SHAVE
Part of KFC 5 letters FRIED
Digit 3 letters TOE
Entrepreneur 10 letters CAPITALIST
The King and I setting 4 letters SIAM
Ginger __; bar mixers 4 letters ALES
Ne’er-do-well 5 letters LOSER
Neighbor of Ecuador 4 letters PERU
Mr. Potato Head piece 4 letters NOSE
Suspicious 5 letters LEERY
Braying beast 3 letters ASS
Actor Bridges 4 letters JEFF
Strange 10 letters UNFAMILIAR
__ and Sympathy; 1956 film 3 letters TEA
Animosity 6 letters ENMITY
Embarrassing defeats 5 letters ROUTS
Suffix for perish or punish 4 letters ABLE
Adjusts a clock 4 letters SETS
Yale student 3 letters ELI
Wings it 6 letters ADLIBS
Fragrant accessories 4 letters LEIS
Hunt for 4 letters SEEK
__ and ends; knickknacks 4 letters ODDS
Wet sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Light reflector 5 letters PRISM
Maximum amounts 4 letters CAPS
__ sesame!; magical phrase 4 letters OPEN
Banister 4 letters RAIL
Take a __ at; try 4 letters STAB
Ready to shower 5 letters NAKED
Like pastel shades 4 letters PALE
Pleas 10 letters ENTREATIES
Steeps 5 letters SOAKS
Singe 4 letters CHAR
Jar top 3 letters LID
Doggone it! 4 letters DRAT
Cook 4 letters CHEF
Set __; leave shore 4 letters SAIL
Angelic 5 letters SWEET
Cattle mover 4 letters PROD
Give counsel to 6 letters ADVISE
Wordsworth’s specialty 6 letters POETRY
Tightwad 5 letters MISER
Read electronically 4 letters SCAN
Saint topper 4 letters HALO
Jungle beasts 4 letters APES
Ice on the sea 4 letters FLOE
Begin one’s day 4 letters RISE
Crew members 4 letters OARS
Australian bird 3 letters EMU
__ aboard! 3 letters ALL
Tub with seats 3 letters SPA

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