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NetWord Crossword Answers March 15, 2024

Author: by S.N.

Thing with a thread SCREW
Chills ICES
Self-service till ATM
Piece of a zipper TOOTH
Hardly headstrong MEEK
One with a driving licence BRIT
Gary Busey (1978) BUDDYHOLLY
Wait patiently BIDE
Center starter EPI
Soap shape CAKE
Jefferson portraitist PEALE
Canine care coverage DENTAL
Cate Blanchett, essentially (2007) BOBDYLAN
City north of Cologne ESSEN
Smucker spread JIF
Clinicians’ designations RNS
Suffix for carbon ATE
Jim portrayer in The Doors VAL
Name associated with 5 Down JUDY
John Cusack (2014) BRIANWILSON
Major rds. HWYS
__ Goose (Donald Duck cousin) GUS
Underhanded SLY
Bit of an aurora ION
Sixth-century center DLI
“King of Country Music” ACUFF
Kristen Stewart (2010) JOANJETT
Big name in Cajun cuisine EMERIL
Choir contingent ALTOS
Certain selfie device IPAD
NHL’s Ducks, for short ANA
What you’re looking at now CLUE
Angela Bassett (1993) TINATURNER
“Show Boat” composer KERN
Garden ornaments URNS
Dissonance NOISE
Game of Thrones patriarch NED
Sheltered waters BAYS
Shelley’s pal KEATS
Canonized English monk STBEDE
Kinds of cars COUPES
Multiple Louvre works RODINS
SFO info ETD
“Over the Rainbow” conclusion WHYCANTI
“Everything’s cool” IMOK
Tabloid topic CELEB
Common Japanese pizza topping EEL
Plane domain SKY
Convent complex ABBEY
Shakedown cruise, e.g. TRIALRUN
Nation’s interior MIDLAND
Very little TEENSY
Falstaff pal HAL
Graphical file format PDF
Pulls apart TEARS
City near Santa Barbara OJAI
10 Across output BILLS
Bird on 27 Down EAGLE
Bugs from Bavaria VWS
Finnegans Wake author JOYCE
Inherently BYNATURE
Coucher de soleil follower NUIT
Sure thing SLAMDUNK
Waylay, in a way HIJACK
15 Across’ winter wear WOOLLEN
Party VIPs DJS
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Ultimate FINEST
Emergency signals FLARES
Incessantly NOEND
How toy pianos sound TINNY
Erode EAT
High-altitude shortcut PASS
Rhyme trio’s vessel TUB
Rollover candidate IRA
Common Swedish pizza topping ROE


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