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NetWord Answers March 14, 2024

Author: by Winston Emmons

Leeway SPACE
West Indies native CARIB
Rapper hosts MCS
Stomach, for example ORGAN
Show humility ATONE
NHL’s Coyotes, in brief ARI
. . . in a source metaphor HORSESMOUTH
Happy brother DOC
. . . on a sweater TURTLENECK
Covent Garden productions OPERAS
Nearing depletion LOW
Didn’t play SAT
Termite eater AARDVARK
PD advisory APB
Nation alpine SUISSE
Stratford’s river AVON
Souvenir with four holes TEE
. . . for an Iowan HAWKEYE
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Wagering consideration ODDS
Listeners to an Antony oration ROMANS
Nailed down SET
South Florida bay BISCAYNE
Wagering location OTB
One to hang with PAL
Scolded severely FLAYED
. . . at a Buffett concert PARROTHEAD
Mardi __ GRAS
Vexation IRE
. . . at a fabric store HOUNDSTOOTH
GHWB once ran it CIA
Nickname that sounds like two letters ARTIE
Disproportionate UNDUE
Woeful SAD
Supporting timbers STUDS
Abounds TEEMS
District near Piccadilly SOHO
TV teaser PROMO
Get __ (calm down) AGRIP
Social strata CASTES
Compass point ENE
Sartre contemporary CAMUS
Ending for origin ATOR
Decisive win ROUT
Global: Abbr. INTL
Observed BEHELD
Caused a stir MADEWAVES
Swamp critter CROC
Home with a bug SICK
Nero’s “new” NOVA
Incautious RASH
Info desk sign ASKME
“. . . against __ of troubles” ASEA
Kitchen wrap brand REYNOLDS
Stage work ROLE
Work with two needles KNIT
Minimal progress ATOB
Salon service PEDI
Comforter, at times BEDSPREAD
“You got beat” IWON
Are, to Bolivar ESTA
Potter’s lightning bolt SCAR
Luau exchanges ALOHAS
Far back BYGONE
Loses luster FADES
Lose gradually ERODE
Single fact DATUM
Selfies, for instance PICS
Something heard in 23 Across ARIA
Legal wrong TORT
Central African native HUTU
City west of Tulsa ENID
Cows and sows SHES
Famous pharaoh TUT


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